Finding the Best Acne Treatment for You

The best acne treatment isn't necessarily the one that worked for everyone else.

We all want the best acne treatment. For some of us, that means literally spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on acne cream, soap, and other products, all of which promise an acne cure. People could easily remortgage their homes just to afford the latest acne miracle!

We talk to our friends, or look online, and we find the very best acne products -- the ones that worked miracles for others. Then we try them and they crush our expectations, failing to work the way we hoped. What's going on?

There's actually a very simple answer. Unfortunately for us (but fortunately for the people who market acne cure products), everyone's skin is different. Your body chemistry is different from your best friend's, which means that the same treatment can affect you in different ways.

That might sound discouraging, but it doesn't have to be. Yes, it might mean that very expensive acne cream you bought was a waste of money -- but it also means the best acne treatment for you is still out there.

Choosing the best acne products

First of all, start at home. Research natural and inexpensive acne cures and try them out. Give them a bit of time and see if they work, because if they do, they're going to save you a lot of time and money. Again, these will work for some people -- not all.

If that fails, advance to inexpensive storebought acne creams and soaps. Make sure you are using quality products, but don't jump to the super expensive treatments just yet. For some people, for the price of a couple cups of coffee, they can cure their acne at the supermarket.

Now, if that doesn't work, it's time for a trip to your doctor. Doctors can refer you to dermatologists, give you prescription medications, and work many other miracles when it comes to acne. It's amazing how many people suffer from chronic acne but never even consider visiting the doctor.

If all of this fails, NOW you can try expensive miracle creams. It's worth a shot. But chances are the best acne treatments for you will be something less onerous. If your doctor writes you a prescription, it may even fall under your health coverage.

You shouldn't have to go broke searching for acne treatment. Remember, the vast majority of acne products use the same principals and the same ingredients. With a bit of time and effort, you can find the best acne treatments for your skin type without going broke in the process.

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