Finding a Natural Acne Remedy

Have You Tried a Natural Acne Remedy?

It’s great if you can find a natural acne remedy that works for you. The benefits of a natural acne remedy are varied. A natural acne remedy such as a vitamin or herbal supplement usually costs less than the expensive prescription medication a doctor prescribes. One natural acne remedy that I personally had success with as a teenager was burdock root. Another natural acne remedy was taking a B complex vitamin every day.

Natural Acne Remedy Relief

As a teenager, I never had bad facial acne. I got a few whiteheads every month, but I never had bad facial acne, so I considered myself fortunate compared to many of my peers. I did, however, have acne on my back and shoulders. That wasn’t fun during the summer time when swimsuits become daily attire for most teenagers. I looked for a natural remedy that would help my acne. Fortunately, I found suggestions in a natural home remedies book written by a very well-known publisher. Burdock root was supposed to be helpful in maintaining clear skin. I was willing to try it along with a vitamin B complex tablet.

I’m unsure which natural acne remedy had more of an effect on my skin, but I know that I didn’t have back acne anymore, and my facial skin had a beautiful glow that I had never experienced.

What is Burdock Root?

Burdock root is a root that is native to both Asia and Europe. You can find burdock root in capsule form or in teas at your local vitamin store. Some consumers are leery of taking herbs because the medical community doesn’t have many studies on their effectiveness. It’s important to purchase your burdock root from a well known source because burdock root does look similar to two other plants that are toxic. If you don’t want to take burdock root internally, you can always take a small amount of the powder from the capsule and mix with water to apply topically to a pimple.

The Miracles of Vitamin B

Vitamin B complex is entirely safe. In fact, it’s recommended that any female of childbearing age take a vitamin B6 supplement because it’s been shown to prevent birth defects. Vitamin B complex contains all the B vitamins. I took tablets that contained 100 mg of each B vitamin and had very good results. Both the vitamin B complex and burdock root each worked as a natural acne remedy and allowed me to sail through the rest of my teen years without the added frustration of worrying about acne.


Another home remedy I've found to get rid of acne is washing your face with a mixture of oatmeal and honey. I know it sounds strange, but it works!

Please remember that the medical community and the scientific community are VERY POLITICAL. WBR LeoP

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