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Solve your acne pain problems

There's nothing worse than acne pain. That's what drives us to pop -- well, that and the ugly red beacon in the center of my nose. Still, at least I can hide the redness with makeup or something. There's not much I can do about the pain. Acne hurts! People who have never suffered might not realize exactly how much pain those clogged pores can cause.

Fortunately, there are more ways to deal with acne pain than you might realize. Here are a few of the most popular acne treatments for pain relief, where you can get them, and how well they work.

Acne pain relief treatments

Here are some popular methods of acne pain relief and their effectiveness.

1. Celadrin Cream

Celadrin cream, an inexpensive topical ointment, receives good press as an instant pain reliever. You can buy it from Avon as well as from other online sources. Although it doesn't relieve pain quite as instantly as they say, celadrin cream is a really good way to minimize topical pain of any kind. Of course, smearing cream on acne can create its own problems, but pain won't be one of them.

2. Emu oil

Many people say that emu oil will help relieve acne, reduce scarring, and alleviate swelling, which contributes to acne pain. This is half true. If you have the type of acne that comes from dry skin, emu oil will help. If your skin is oily and it's clogging your pores, emu oil will not help because, well, it's oil, plain and simple.

3. Cucumber

You know the old thing with cucumber slices on the eyes? It actually does work to relieve swelling, which can make it an effective treatment for acne pain relief. It's cheap, effective, and easy to find. If it's cold, you might get some instant pain relief, but otherwise give it a few days and all will be better.

4. Aloe vera

Aloe is another common pain relief treatment. Aloe vera is another inexpensive and effective way to treat painful acne. You'll find that a ten minute aloe treatment soothes your skin, calms any sores, reduces swelling, and generally makes acne go away faster, as well as treating pain.

As you can see, there are a number of ways to deal with acne pain. Some are more effective for others, and all are more effective for some people than others. Acne is a very individual problem, so it can have very individual solutions, and you probably know that what works for one person won't work for someone else.

As always, you shouldn't take anyone's word for acne treatments. Try out these different ideas and see what works best for you. Enjoy your relief from acne pain: you deserve it!

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