Fast and Easy Cystic Acne Relief

How to Alleviate the Pain of a Cystic Acne Blemish Quickly and (for the most part) Safely

Anyone who's ever had the intense pain of a cystic acne blemish knows how desperate one can become to get rid of that blemish fast - regardless of the consequences. That's one of the reasons cystic acne scars can be so much more severe than scars incurred with other forms of acne. Fortunately, there are ways to get rid of that pressurized pain. Here are a few tips to help...

Soak It, Steam It, Salve It

You can't exactly squeeze the bugger to death, but there are ways to help draw out the puss that's causing the pain. First, get a hot wet compress and set it on the blemish for at least 10 to 15 minutes. Just remember, once you do this your skin is going to become fragile and you don't want to try to pop the cystic acne using pressure or you're really going to damage the skin.

After you soak it, steam it. If you have a facial steamer it's even better. If not, run a hot shower and let your face soak in the steam.

Once you've steamed the blemish, put a drawing salve on it. It's not going to be the immediate relief you'd get from popping it, but you won't have ugly scarring from it either. Leave the drawing salve on overnight (unless it's a harsh one, then follow the directions on the box/bottle) and gently wash the blemish in the morning. You should notice an immediate reduction of the pain and swelling.

Plan B

So let's say the Soak It, Steam It, Salve It plan doesn't work. Are you out of luck? No. It's a bit drastic, but you might want to consider calling the dermatologist. He or she may be able to drain the blemish surgically. If you're in severe pain and you need immediate relief, this is one way to get it taken care of.

For Future Reference

Of course, the best way to avoid the pain associated with cystic acne is to avoid the blemishes to begin with. That means trying tog et to the bottom of what's causing it, and taking measures to correct the situation. We'll have more on that for you in the upcoming weeks!

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