Facts about Acne Rosacea

Is Your Acne Really Acne Rosacea?

There are many myths surrounding the skin condition known as acne rosacea. Many Americans have never even heard of acne rosacea, and those that have are confused about how it is different from the more common type of acne we are familiar with, acne vulgaris.

Hush Hush?

For a condition that many of us know so little about, acne rosacea certainly does affect a lot of individuals. Over 14 million individuals in the U.S. alone have acne rosacea. This number is an estimate because it is always difficult to get a precise figure since many people are affected but don’t seek treatment.

Not All Acnes Are Created Equal

Acne rosacea should not be treated by over-the-counter acne medications. These products are specifically designed for acne vulgaris not acne rosacea. The difficulty is that many individuals mistake their red skin for acne vulgaris.

More Acne Rosacea Basics

While anyone can develop acne rosacea it often develops in individuals who are between the ages of 30 and 50. So if you suffer from what you believe is acne and you are over the age of 30, take a closer look to see just how different your skin looks from the typical teenage acne you are familiar with.

A visit to the doctor or dermatologist might be necessary for an official diagnosis before you attempt to self-treat. Fortunately, with the wide availability of the World Wide Web patients have access to way more information than ever before. With just a simple mouse click you can find all sorts of information. Photos are a great tool because they enable you to see how the skin of a patient with acne rosacea actually looks.

Acne rosacea does tend to be more common in individuals who have fair skin and are of northwestern European descent. Although acne rosacea does more frequently affect females, both males and females can be affected by acne rosacea.

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