Emergency Acne Tips and Cures

If you have a case of emergency acne, here are some tips to help out

It's your wedding... or your graduation day... or your high school reunion, and you have a bad case of emergency acne. It's not uncommon, especially since the added stress of a big event often causes changes in your skin, which can bring on the dreaded zits. But if all eyes are on you, acne spells bad news.

Never fear... here are some emergency acne solutions that help you get through this temporary situation.

Emergency acne dos and don'ts

Your goal is getting rid of pimples, but there are some things that just won't help. DO NOT:

-Pop zits. A bloody scab is not going to look better than a pimple.

-Wash your face a zillion times. It won't work any better than sticking to your normal schedule, and may in fact encourage more acne.

-Ignore sunscreen or moisturizer. Making changes from your normal routine won't help in getting rid of pimples.

-Panic. Take a deep breath - we're here to help.

So what acne skin treatment will help with your emergency? Here are the acne solutions DOs:

-Hydrogen peroxide. Now, I do NOT recommend this as an everyday solution, but a dab of hydrogen peroxide can kill off the bacteria causing the emergency acne, providing a good temporary solution. Word of warning: do not get this stuff on your hair, including your eyebrows or any facial hair. It MAY turn orange.

-Begin an immediate nightly regiment of egg yolk masks. It feels disgusting, but it quickly works to turn acne around. (This is assuming your emergency allows you a few days to do this treatment and your event isn't in say, a half an hour!).

-Apply a dab of calamine lotion (please, please, PLEASE remember to wash it off again!). It will reduce redness and irritation at the pimple location.

-Stay calm, stay out of the sun, and drink a lot of water. Again, that won't help if you have an event in half an hour, but it will help if your event is in a few days.

-Dab lemon juice on the pimple to dry it out. Again, this is not usually the best acne skin treatment, desperate times call for desperate measures.

-Hide it. I'm not even joking. Boys: I'm talking to you too. Talk to your mom or sister or brave the department store to find a tube of concealer you can dab over it to disguise any redness. Blend it in and I promise NO ONE will notice you're wearing it.

Girls, you can go even further. Begin with a dab of concealer to hide any redness. Put your foundation over top normally. Then powder so you don't sweat any makeup off. You can even repeat the process over that area if you want extra coverage.

Now, if you don't want your makeup flaking away and everyone staring at your zit, and a bigger breakout to deal with tomorrow, HANDS OFF. Forget about the pimples and enjoy your night. They won't be invisible but they will be less obvious. Soon your emergency acne will be just a distant memory.

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