Electric Patch Kills Acne with a Triple Whammy

Look for this new product to get rid of acne fast

Want to get rid of acne fast? If so, you'll love this new acne product. Unlike any other acne product on the market, this acne treatment attacks your acne giving it a triple whammy that knocks out acne fast.

Give Your Acne a Triple Whammy

If you would like to give your acne a triple whammy and get rid of it once and for all, good news may be just around the corner. Oplon-Pure Science Ltd. has developed an electric patch that looks promising.

The patch gives your acne a triple whammy by combining electricity, salicylic acid, and azelaic acid. The patch is made of mesh material coated with special molecules. When these molecules touch the moisture of your skin, they make an electrical charge that kills the bacteria on the surface of your skin that causes acne. The electrical charge is strong enough to kill bacteria but small enough that it you can't feel it.

Next, the salicylic acid works to remove the dead skin that blocks your pores. Finally, the azelaic acid kills the bacteria in your pores.

Oplon tested the patch with a small group. In this small test group, acne cleared in three days. Oplon is now in the process of testing the patch on a larger group (1) of test subjects. In the larger test, 100 subjects will wear the patch overnight for six hours. The test will end in December 2010. If Oplon gets approval, they will then release the patch in stores.

Clearing acne in three days is exciting! Start looking for more news about this electric patch beginning in 2011.

(1) Acne Treatment Test Study

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