Drinking Green Tea Can Help Reduce Acne

Incorporating Green Tea into Your Acne Diet

If you are trying to maintain a diet that will reduce your acne, green tea can be an essential part of your routine. If you think green tea is just a boring old cup of a hot health beverage, think twice. There are an abundance of green tea choices and incorporating green tea into your acne diet may be easier than you think.

A Bevy of Green Tea Beverage Options

You can drink green tea hot, you can drink green tea iced. You can drink it at home, or you can put it in a travel mug and drink it on-the-go rather than stopping for a coffee on your way to work. Many of the national brands of ice tea available also offer a green tea, and even a diet green tea, variety.

There are many varieties of green tea available. If you don’t prefer the taste of green tea by itself, then you might consider some of the flavored varieties available. Fruit-flavored green teas are quite popular. Raspberry-flavored green tea is a favorite of mine especially because I don’t really prefer the taste of basic green tea when it’s hot.

Watch the Sugar Content

If you notice that your acne gets worse when you consume sugar, then you probably want to avoid prepared iced teas as they usually contain a lot of sugar. When following this acne diet, green tea that is unsweetened might be necessary if sugar is an acne culprit for you.

If you prepare your own iced tea at home, you can control just how much sugar or other sweeteners you add to the tea. Don’t forget that a lemon wedge or a bit of honey can add an interesting and tasty flavor to otherwise boring cup of green tea.

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