Does Popping Acne Really Speed up Healing Time?

The Truth About Popping Acne

Acne sufferers are often faced with a tough question. Should they or should they not pop their acne blemishes? Some say yes, some say no. Some say it makes you heal faster, others say it causes scarring. Who’s right and who’s wrong? Read on to find out.

Debunking The Myth

Popping acne involves squeezing a pimple to get fluid out of it. The myth surrounding popping acne is that you will allow the acne to heal faster compared to leaving the acne alone.

Without popping, acne will eventually go away on its own in a couple of days or even as long as a couple of weeks. It’s now common knowledge that popping acne is detrimental, and they myths surrounding popping acne have been proven false.

The Risks Are Substantial

As a general guideline you should not pop acne because the risks do not outweigh the benefits. Popping acne could lead to more dirt and bacteria being pushed into the wound. With increased bacteria, this could cause infection.

If you pop acne, there is also more of a likelihood that it will lead to permanent scarring. Before you try popping acne you should look for other alternatives such as applying a spot treatment multiple times each day or a ZENO acne zapper.

Sometimes It Can’t Be Helped

Sometimes there are instances in which you feel as though you have to pop your acne even though you know the facts. If you do choose to pop acne, you should treat it like a medical procedure. This means using sterile gauze pads and applying a hot compress for five minutes prior to popping a pimple.

Apply hydrogen peroxide or some other anti bacterial treatment to the acne immediately after popping. This will reduce the likelihood that leftover bacteria cause more pimples. You could also apply ice afterwards to the acne.

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