Do Acne Cures Really Exist?

The Lowdown on Acne Cures

Acne sufferers spend hundreds of dollars in search of acne cures. They might experience some improvement in their acne for a period of time as a result of trying a new product. However, they might not remain convinced that their acne cures have worked. They have good reason to be skeptical. Do acne cures really exist?

Cure vs. Treatment

Most dermatologists will tell you that there are no such things as acne cures, and they are essentially right. Both their years of study and practice in dermatology have made them well aware of the fact that to date there are no real acne cures. That notion is true for other skin disorders too such as eczema and psoriasis. Many skin disorders are immune-related, and finding out precisely what causes them is difficult to pinpoint. When the cause of a disorder can’t be determined precisely which is case with acne, it is also difficult to come up with a complete cure.

A Realistic Approach

Now that you know acne cures don’t exist, you will know to be a more discerning consumer. It’s okay to try new products, and it is necessary in order to have improvements in your acne. However, it is important to be realistic in the process. While you can treat acne, you will never completely cure it. Acne products can result in some improvement and with time acne will also improve. But there is not one specific treatment that will improve acne in every individual, and therefore there is no true acne cure. As long as you are realistic when you are considering purchasing new acne products, you should be alright. Buy products based on dermatologists’ recommendations and feedback you get from other acne sufferers that you know. Don’t exclusively rely on the marketing from the company that is selling you the products. That can be a cause for disappointment. Try new acne products but keep in mind that they aren’t acne cures just acne treatments.

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