Dietary Changes Can Be Your Secret Acne Solution

Find an Acne Solution in Your Very Own Kitchen

Diet modification is a very beneficial acne solution. If you want to achieve clear skin by eliminating foods in your diet that cause acne, the following steps will be very helpful. The best acne solution begins with what you put into your body.

Easy Does It

It is beneficial to remove one food from your diet at a time. That way you can isolate what foods are causing or contributing to your acne. If you eliminate multiple foods at a time, you won’t be able to pinpoint the culprit and might unnecessarily avoid foods that actually aren’t contributing to your acne. Dairy is one big acne culprit. Many individuals simply can’t handle dairy because it is so hard to digest. Contrary to government ad campaigns, we don’t need dairy. Dairy is really intended for calves. The hormones that occur in dairy naturally contribute to acne in many individuals, as do the additional hormones dairy cows are given. Eliminating dairy from your diet can definitely be an important part of an acne solution that focuses on diet.

If you have any fears you won’t be able to give up dairy, simply give up one dairy food at a time. Certainly it will take you longer to determine if dairy is a culprit, but you will reduce your frustration level which means you will be more committed over the long-term to stick with diet modifications as an acne solution.

Don't Make It Harder Than It Has To Be

Give up milk first but still eat cheese on pizza for example. Substitute rice or soy milk if you need something to pour over your cereal. Next try to eliminate yogurt and cheese. You will also need to limit your consumption of packaged snacks because many contain whey or other forms of dairy and that is why it is so important to read labels. Ice cream is one of the most difficult foods that people have eliminating. You can switch to soy ice cream or sorbet instead. Giving up ice cream is worth it if you can have clear skin. An acne solution that focuses on dietary changes will be accompanied by some sacrifices, but those sacrifices have huge payoffs.

Sugar is another acne culprit for many individuals, and eliminating sugar can be the main focus of your diet acne solution. Of course, mainstream medicine denies that sugar has an effect on acne, but sugar does suppress the immune system. If after giving up dairy for a few months, you still don’t notice any improvement in your acne, you might want to try eliminating sugar. Keep in mind that it can take a few months for your skin to improve, so don’t give up this acne solution after a few weeks just because you don’t see a huge improvement.

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