Diet Modification is One of the Best Acne Alternative Treatments

Acne Alternative Treatments Often Work When Conventional Treatments Fail

Diet modifications can be on of the best acne alternative treatments you can implement. There are so many myths about acne that it can be hard to separate fact from fiction. Most doctors discredit the idea that what you eat can affect your skin or cause acne. Many medical studies allegedly have not proven there is a connection between diet and acne, but intuitively how can what you put in your body not have an impact on the condition of your skin? If you want to learn more about acne and whether eating grains and carbohydrates can impact your acne read more below.

Great Grains?

Most of us think eating grains is a healthy way of eating. Grains aren’t loaded with fat and cholesterol, and they can be a good source of fiber in our diets. For acne sufferers, grains can be a bad food choice. Acne alternative treatments focusing on diet can markedly improve acne, and some experts in alternative medicine believe that eating grains can contribute to acne.

Refined Isn't Fine

Refined carbohydrates are believed by homeopathic practitioners to contribute to acne due to the resulting surge in insulin that occurs when you eat them. Further evidence seems to support this idea particularly when you look at non-Western countries that don’t eat refined carbohydrates and sugar.

Acne is much more common in countries, such as the U.S., where a diet high in processed foods is very common, and acne alternative treatments that center around dietary habits can alleviate acne even when other more conventional treatments don’t work.

Constant Sacrifice Isn't Necessary

Relax. This doesn’t mean that you will have to give up grains for the rest of your life. Obviously, though, when you are faced with acne, particularly bad acne such as cystic acne or nodular acne, you are going to have to take drastic steps to clear up your skin. Eventually, once your acne improves and your skin begins to heal then you can begin to add grains back into your diet.

Try eliminating bread, pasta, and refined sugar. If you can only eliminate one food at a time until you get used to this new way of eating, then go ahead and start gradually. Ultimately, I think you will find that acne alternative treatments that revamp your diet in this way will have a beneficial and significant impact on the appearance of your acne.

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