Desperate for an Acne Treatment that Works?

Don’t give up - Try Photodynamic therapy

Necessity is the mother of invention. This old saying continues to hold true in the case of acne treatments. Not intended for acne skin treatment, photodynamic therapy is used more and more frequently by dermatologists to do just that. Discover the treatment you might be waiting for.

Photodynamic acne treatment

Photodynamic therapy is actually a treatment approved for treating precancerous skin lesions. Acne upsets most people, however, the treatment of precancerous skin lesions is obviously much more crucial than treating acne. Nevertheless, as therapists began using photodynamic therapy they noticed a marked improvement in acne and overall skin condition.

Photodynamic therapy is the process of painting a photosensitizing solution on the patient's skin. Leaving the solution on the skin for approximately one-hour leads to absorption into the skin.

After the solution absorbs, the therapist shines a special blue light on the patient for eight to 12 minutes activating the solution. The treatment stuns the oil glands and kills bacteria causing acne.

Once therapists began noticing the positive effects it had on skin lesions, dermatologists began using it as one of their treatments for acne. Not considered the best acne treatment due to drawbacks, it still works well.

One of the drawbacks is avoiding sunlight and light in general for 24 hours after treatment. Not doing so can result in blistering. Of course, to many acne patients, this is a small price to pay for a treatment that can give them relief from their struggle to find an acne treatment that works

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