Dealing With Adult Acne In The Business World

Facing Adult Acne Head On

Adult acne is not uncommon, but many adults are understandably distressed when they develop pimples reminiscent of their teenage days. Especially prevalent among adult women due to hormonal fluctuations, developing acne can cause significant self-image and self-confidence issues among adults in a business setting.

Evaluate Your Daily Routine

Acne is not specifically caused by poor diet or hygiene, but not taking care of yourself certainly doesn't help. Your skin cannot repair itself and maintain a healthy appearance if you are not getting enough sleep, a balanced diet, and do not care for it appropriately. Make it a goal to take care of your body, and your skin will reflect that care.

See Your Doctor

Most teenagers choose to treat acne topically, with any number of creams and gels that are available over the counter. As an adult, however, you may find that the number of prescription treatments that can be prescribed by your general practitioner or dermatologist will treat the condition faster and be more effective in the long run.

Put Your Best Face Forward

If you develop adult acne, there will inevitably be a period of time following the onset of pimples and the successful treatment by the methods that you have chosen. In that time, you will need to keep going to work, much as a teenager would have to go to school, and, unfortunately, you cannot do it with a bag over your head!

Luckily, there are cosmetics that can mask the pimples and the accompanying redness and irritation; just make sure that they are non-comedogenic, so that they do not make your acne worse. Some cosmetics even contain ingredients to help treat your acne while they improve the appearance of your skin!

Regardless of the current status of your adult acne, remember that, ultimately, your self-confidence must come from within and that your coworkers and clients will look past your acne if you can project the same self-assurance that is your status quo.

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