Cut the Cost of Effective Acne Treatments in Half

Now you can get the acne treatments you need for less money

You need acne treatments that work. Unfortunately, the most powerful acne treatment cream, Differin, is expensive. Thanks to Glenmark Pharmaceuticals, you'll soon be able to get the same acne treatment for half the cost.

Price Slashed in Half

Differin is great for clearing up acne-prone skin but at around $200, many acne sufferers can't afford it. If you need Differin but it is simply too expensive, you're in luck. At the beginning of July, 2010 Glenmark received the approval they needed to market Adapalene. Adapalene is the generic form of Differin.

Now you can get the same medicine and the same great results with this generic but at least half the cost -- maybe even less. Glenmark is set to market and distribute their new generic within several months.

Using Adapalene

When using Adapalene, you need to take the same precautions as you would using Differin. Be sure and use only the recommended amount -- too much causes burning and stinging. Moisturize your skin with a dermatologist recommended moisturizer. Wear sunscreen and don't pick at your bumps.

The most important thing to remember when using both Differin and Adapalene is to have patience. Most patients report that this acne treatment product works but your skin gets worse before it gets better. Patience is key here. It takes about 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 months to completely clear up.

Patience, Patience

Patience seems to be the name of the game here but it is well worth it. By September 2010, you'll most likely be able to get Adapalene from your dermatologist. With a little more patience, while letting Adapalene 'do its thing' you could have clear skin in just a few months after trying this acne treatment.

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