Clear Your Acne with the Natural Benefits of Aloe Vera

Looking for natural acne treatments? Try aloe vera for beautiful skin

Are you an acne sufferer who is fed up with expensive prescriptions containing potential side effects? Or are you tired of expensive yet ineffective over-the-counter medications? If so, you may want to try aloe vera.

Most everyone has heard of this wonderful plant, known for soothing sunburns and reducing scars, but many don't know the benefits acne sufferers can receive. If you suffer from acne, learn how you can benefit from the aloe plant.

The history of aloe vera

Recorded on clay tablets dating as far back as 1750 B.C, documents show the medicinal properties of aloe vera. A Greek physician wrote in 74 B.C about using aloe vera to cure infections of the skin, burns and to decrease hair loss.

Published in 1935, the first medical report in America describes the medicinal use of aloe vera in burn patients. Aloe vera has since been the focus of many studies addressing the healing properties of aloe vera for all skin conditions, including acne.

If you're looking for a natural alternative to prescription acne medicine and over the counter remedies, give aloe vera a try. As with all herbal and medical treatments, individual responses will vary but reports are positive.

Aloe vera and acne

Is it possible for a natural plant to reduce acne and improve your skin conditions? According to the many users of aloe, it is a definite possibility. Aloe has astringent properties that counteract acne infection. It is also a mild anesthetic with bacterial and antifungal properties.

Aloe coats the skin with antibacterial and antifungal layers. This protective layer helps minimize the growth of bacteria and fungi and works as natural acne control.

Aloe contains six naturally occurring antiseptics that soothe inflammation and reduce the change of infection. It deeply cleans and moisturizes while at the same time relieves itching, swelling, redness and pain. With the ability to penetrate and re-hydrate rapidly, it encourages skin renewal and the skin to heal.

Add to all this, the cool, soothing, and moisturizing benefits you receive and you can easily see why you can benefit from aloe.

Aloe vera acne treatment options

If you wish to try aloe as an option for treatment, you have two choices. You can choose to go completely natural and buy a plant from your local plant nursery or garden section in a retail store. Or try various products that contain aloe.

If you choose to try an aloe product, choose one that has a high content of aloe vera, otherwise the results may not be all you desire.

To use the aloe plant for acne treatment, simply snap off a piece of aloe and rub it over freshly cleansed skin twice per day. Get into a routine of washing your face first thing in the morning and before you go to bed for the night. Each time you wash your face, use the aloe.

It is important to keep in mind that aloe doesn't cure acne and won't clear acne overnight. But it does show a great deal of promise in reducing breakouts and soothing qualities that help your complexion. As with all 'natural' remedies or acne treatments, success varies from one person to the next. Don't expect your acne to disappear overnight, but use the plant regularly for an extended period of time for best results in clearing your acne.

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