Clear up Your Acne with Flowers

Acne and Evening Primrose Oil

Evening primrose oil... If the sound of that evokes images of peace and tranquility, it’s no surprise. Evening primrose oil is actually a wildflower, and flowers are always associated with beauty and tranquility. But, what does any of this have to do with acne? You're about to find out...

A Secret Weapon Against Acne?

Evening primrose oil has many uses, but not many people know that it can be used to treat skin conditions -- including acne. If you suffer from acne and you’re looking for an over-the-counter holistic approach, you might consider using evening primrose oil as a means to that end.

Using Evening Primrose Oil

To clear up acne you should take evening primrose oil according to the package directions, but check with your doctor or dermatologist first.

If you don’t want to take evening primrose oil supplements, you can break open a capsule and rub the oil on to your acne directly. However, remember that this can be messy, so you might want to try this at night when you have nowhere else to go.

Bath Time

If you suffer from back acne or acne on your chest or shoulders, break open an evening primrose capsule and add it to your bath water. Soak in the tub or 15 minutes. Some parents have reported that this technique has helped clear up their baby’s eczema.

Obviously your acne is not going to clear up immediately, but it will improve over time. You’ll probably have to use this method for some time before you see a noticeable improvement.

Where to Find It

Evening primrose oil isn't at all hard to find. You can get it at vitamin stores and natural health food stores and some grocery stores even carry it as well. You can always order online too if you have a hard time locating it in your area.

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