Cleansing Skin Care for Acne Sufferers

What You Need to Know about Cleansing Skin Care

Cleansing skin care is a very important consideration for acne sufferers. If you use the wrong product, the results can be from anything less than spectacular to disastrous. Learn more about cleansing skin care for acne sufferers below.

Not All Cleansing Skin Products are Creating Equal

Cleansing skin care for acne sufferers requires particular attention to the type of products that you use. It can be particularly frustrating for acne sufferers to encounter friends who claim to use anything on their face yet have good skin. Sure there will always be a few individuals who can get away with using regular soap on their face and still have clear skin, but they are in the minority. The rest of us have to be extremely diligent when selecting cleansing skincare especially if we suffer from acne.

The Choices

The type of cleansing skin care that you use when you have acne can make a difference in whether or not your skin improves. Most acne sufferers also have oily skin, so they will benefit from cleansing skin care that includes gel or foam cleansers, not creamy cleansers. Usually cream cleansers are intended for individuals who suffer from dry skin. If you are one of the few acne sufferers who also have dry skin, then creamy cleansers might be your best option. Consult your dermatologist if you are ever in doubt about a particular product. Remember they can advise you about over-the-counter products too not just the prescription products they prescribe. Keep in mind that many over-the-counter acne products are also eligible for reimbursement if you have a medical spending account, so hang on to your receipts if you qualify.

Routine, Routine, Routine

With cleansing skin care, the frequency is important. You have to wash your face at least twice a day. Once is not enough. If you exercise, you should definitely wash your face afterwards as well. Washing your face multiple times a day is no good either. Stick with once in the morning and once before bedtime and after exercise on the days you work out. After exercise, though, you can simply wash your face. You don’t have to complete all the steps (toning, moisturizing, and spot treatments) following your cleansing skin care step.

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