Acne and Unexpressed Emotion: Is There a Connection?

One of the more interesting ideas we've come across lately is that acne and unexpressed emotion might be causally linked, with the latter causing the former. After all, many young people (the primary sufferers of everyone's favorite skin condition) do tend to be sullen and uncommunicative.

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Can Energy Drinks Be One of the Causes of Acne?

There are so many causes of acne; you really don't need to add one more to the list. But, if you drink energy drinks, you may have to do just that. Many acne sufferers notice an increase in acne breakouts after drinking these energy-boosting drinks. Keep reading to see why.

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Discover the Causes of Acne in Menopausal Women

Are you a menopausal women wondering what the causes of acne are? If you are, you're not alone

You're facing hot flashes, sagging skin, and wrinkles. You really thought it couldn't get any worse. Surprise! Menopause has yet one more shock in store for you. You just thought acne was for teenagers. You had no idea on top of everything else you have problems with your skin breaking out. Learn what triggers acne in menopausal women and what you can do to prevent it.

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Is Your Acne a Sign of Insulin Resistance?

Insulin Resistance And Acne

Adult acne, especially in women, may be tied to insulin resistance and the intricate hormonal balances that it plays a part of. In essence, the presence of acne may indicate a deeper problem with the endocrine system that, when treated, could result in complete resolution of the skin condition.

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Diet and Acne: We Told You So, We Told You So

Diet Does Indeed Affect Acne

Oh they swore it was an old wives tale - they insisted that it was hogwash - the majority of the medical community refused to admit that diet could indeed play a role in acne breakouts. Well my friends -- those of us who knew the know-it-all doctors were wrong -- our time has come. According to a study published by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition diet does indeed affect acne.

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Is Your Prescription Drug Causing Acne Breakouts?

Some Prescription Drugs Can Trigger Acne

If you've tried everything you can think of to clear your acne and your breakouts still haven't gone away, your prescription medications may be to blame. Believe it or not, there are quite a few prescription drugs that can trigger acne breakouts. Want to know if your medicine is on the list? Here are the ones to look out for...

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What You Need to Know About Acne and Aluminum Toxicity

What’s Really Causing Your Acne?

Most individuals who have acne would try almost anything and everything if they felt that it would improve their skin condition. When you have acne and nothing seems to be working, you really need to dig deep and consider all possibilities. One possibility for treating acne that is so often overlooked is aluminum toxicity. Is it possible that's the culprit behind your acne condition?

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What Women Need to Know About Acne and PCOS

The Facts about Acne and PCOS

You're a grown woman who never suffered acne in your teen years. Why in the world are you suddenly breaking out? If you're an adult who is suddenly afflicted with acne breakouts, it probably has nothing to do with skin care and everything to do with hormones. You may need to seek treatment for PCOS.

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Can a Cup of Coffee Make Your Caffeine Worse?

How Caffeine Affects Acne

If you enjoy a cup of java every morning or a caffeinated soda for lunch, you might want to take a moment to think about how your beverage selections can be affecting your acne. If you can’t make it through the day without stopping at your local coffee shop and your medicine cabinet is filled to the brim with acne products, then the following information might be just what you need.

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What Really Causes Acne?

Getting to the Bottom of a Common Acne Myth

Acne is probably the most misunderstood skin conditions. Individuals who are affected by acne often try for months or years to treat it unsuccessfully. That’s probably because they really have know idea what’s causing the acne, and therefore they can’t do a thing about it. To make matters worse, individuals who are fortunate enough to never experience acne are even further misinformed about what acne is and how it should be treated and they give the people suffering from acne completely ineffective advice. What to know what’s causing your acne? You’re not alone.

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About Acne: From R to V

Understanding the Differences between Acne Rosacea and Acne Vulgaris

If you’ve always thought a pimple was a pimple, all pimples were acne, and all acne is alike, you might be surprised to learn that not all acne is created equal. In fact, there are actually two main types of acne -- Acne Vulgaris and Acne Rosacea -- that can wreck havoc on your skin. If you really want to be informed about acne, you need to understand the main differences between Acne Vulgaris and Acne Rosacea.

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Is Your Pillowcase Making Your Acne Worse?

Your Pillowcase Could Be Aggravating Your Acne

So you wash your face before you go to bed for the night. You’re very diligent about your skin care routine and you cleanse your skin properly each and every night, so you just can’t understand why you wake up in the morning and your acne looks worse than it did the night before. Believe it or not, your pillow may be to blame.

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Is Your Acne A Sign Of PCOD?

Acne Can Be Caused By PCOD

If you’re a woman who never experienced acne before, but you’re suddenly experiencing it now, along with other symptoms such as weight gain, irregular menstruation, mood changes, and unusual hair growth, you may have polycystic ovarian disease, also known as polycystic ovarian syndrome, PCOS and PCOD. But what is PCOD and how does it cause acne?

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