Can Your Job Affect Your Acne?

Acne and Fast Food Employment

There are many myths associated with acne, and one of them is that working in certain occupations can make your acne worse. Working in a fast food restaurant has long been thought to make acne worse, but is this just a myth or is it a cold, hard fact? If you want to know the answer, you'd better read on.

The Answer is Maybe

Whether or not fast food employment increases acne really depends on the individual. In high school, a close friend of mine worked at a fast food place and her skin was flawlessly clear. That is when I realized that not all fast food workers had acne. However, there are instances in which fast food employment would definitely contribute to an acne condition.

Skin Care is Critical

If you do work in fast food and you are in constant contact with grease, there are lifestyle practices you're going to need to employ. First and foremost, don't touch your face. Keep your fingers off your skin or that grease is going to clog your pores. Also make sure you cleanse your skin thoroughly each time you get off of work. Any residual grease will be removed with this washing.

While I wouldn’t advise any teenager to give up working at their fast food job just to avoid acne, I would stress that it is important to be cautious. In addition to a careful skin care routine, also limit the amount of fast food you consume. Eating poorly can aggravate acne and greasy fast foods can oftentimes trigger a full-blown acne flare-up.

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