Can this Seaweed Really Clear Acne Once and for All?

Hear what scientists have to say about clearing acne with this seaweed

Getting rid of acne is tough. If you suffer from acne, you've probably tried endless different types of acne treatments. Now scientists believe they've discovered the answer to acne with this specific type of seaweed.

Seaweed Extract

Scientists have discovered a specific type of seaweed found off the coast of Brittany (a town in France) that clears acne. This acne treatment works by regulating oil production, getting rid of bacteria, and lessening redness.

In a study performed by Professor Enzo Berardesca, director of Instituto Dermatolgico San Gallicano in Italy, test subjects with blackheads, whiteheads, and skin redness saw great improvement in their symptoms.

This study included 60 subjects ranging in age from 12- to 24-years-old with moderate acne. Half of the subjects used acne products that contained the active ingredient in the seaweed. The other half of the subjects used false acne treatments such as gels, washes, and scrubs. After 14 days, the subjects using the acne products with the seaweed extract saw significant improvement in their acne.

Test subjects not only reported that their acne cleared but that they didn't have any side effects such as burning, itching, dryness, or reddening of their skin. Scientists believe this is because the product is a natural product.

Mentholatum, the manufacturer, is planning on releasing their new product, Oxy, that has the seaweed extract in it soon. If you would like to try this product, talk to your doctor about it to be sure it doesn't interfere with your regular acne treatments.

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