Can The Retin-A Micro Pump Kill Your Acne For Good?

How The Retin-A Micro Pump Is Giving Acne Sufferers New Hope

We've all heard of Retin-A, but have you heard of the newer Retin-A Micro Pump? Many acne sufferers are afraid to try Retin-A because of the associated side effects. After all, isn't dry, cracking and flaking skin just as bad as the acne itself? What many people don't realize is that these side effects usually occur do to improper application of the medication. That's where the Retin-A Micro Pump comes in.

What Is the Retin-A Micro Pump?

The Retin-A Micro Pump uses the effective properties of Retin-A medication but adds modern technology to deliver more effective results. Unlike traditional Retin-A treatments, the Retin-A Micro Pump contains patented microspheres. The pump dispenses just the right amount of gel, which contains the microspheres. These microspheres then deliver the medication in small amounts throughout the day.

Because its virtually impossible to use too much of the medication when using the Retin-A Micro Pump, there's a much lower risk of overdrying and cracking and flaking skin. The medication is also available in two strengths, so those who have sensitive skin that is prone to drying can opt for the gentler formula, even further reducing the risk of side effects.

Results, Fast and Furious

When it comes to treating acne, we all know that instant results are idea, but aren't actually feasible. However, this medication does offer fast results. Acne is often reduced within a couple of weeks and full results can be achieved in a little less than two months. While it's not an instant fix, it's definitely better than the lifelong battle many people face when dealing with severe acne situations.

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