Can the Bath Towels You Use Make Your Acne Worse?

How Your Bath Towels Can Affect Your Acne

When it comes to treating your acne, you should really leave no stone unturned. Even the silliest little change can make a huge difference in your complexion. After all, when it comes to your acne, do you really want to ignore something that might clear up your skin?

What’s a Towel Got to Do with It?

When it comes to treating acne, many people overlook something that may be making their breakouts worse. What is this mystery culprit? Your towels!

What kind of towels do you use?

When you have acne, it’s important to pay attention to every little detail and that includes the towels that come in contact with your face for five minutes in the morning and evening. After all, putting the wrong thing on your face is just asking for an acne breakout.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Not all towels are created equal and some are better for acne than others. If you suffer from acne breakouts, you should definitely consider organic cotton towels. Using organic cotton towels will eliminate one extra factor that could possibly aggravate your skin.

Will using organic cotton towels be an absolute guarantee that you will achieve clear skin? Not necessarily, but using towels that are made from cotton that is produced without the use of harsh chemicals can certainly be beneficial.

Where to Get Them

It’s not that hard to find organic cotton towels. You probably won’t find organic cotton towels at your local department store, but if you hop online you can find multiple companies that sell organic cotton towels.

You might experience a bit of sticker shock when you see the prices of organic cotton towels as opposed to the prices of other towels on the market. Just remember, the small investment you make in towels made from organic cotton can have a beneficial impact on your acne.

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