Can Metformin Really Cure Acne?

What You Should Know About Metformin and Acne

The other day I had a teenager ask me if she should ask her doctor to prescribe Metformin for her acne. The first thing I asked is where she heard that Metformin can even treat the condition. It turns out her aunt takes it. That's when I realized that many people may not understand the truth about Metformin and how it relates to acne. If you've been wondering if Metformin can help you, here's information you need to know...

Why People Think Metformin Treats Acne

So why do people think Metformin can treat acne? Because it does – but only in very specific instances.

There is a condition called PCOS or PCOD (polycystic ovarian disease and polycystic ovarian syndrome). These conditions cause serious hormonal imbalances that result in acne outbreaks. Metformin controls these hormones and therefore controls the acne breakouts.

What Metformin Can't Do

As you can see, Metformin can indeed help alleviate acne in PCOD and PCOS patients. However, if you do not have these conditions (or diabetes), yet suffer from acne, Metformin is not a drug you need to be taking.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is this – if you have PCOD or PCOS, aren't on Metformin and are experiencing acne breakouts, talk to your doctor about the drug. If, however, you don't need Metformin for legitimate medical conditions, Metformin can't help you and could actually be dangerous. Do yourself a favor and look into other acne remedies. There are dozens listed on this site.

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