Can Lasers Treat Acne?

How Lasers Are Being Used to Fight Acne

Lasers aren't new in the fight against acne. After all, they've been used to treat the scars acne leaves behind for quite some time. However, it wasn't until recently that lasers started getting in on the acne fight earlier in the game. Now lasers are being used to fight more than the scars -- they're being used to fight the actual acne.

Isn't It Like Killing an Ant with a Sledgehammer?

Some people may feel that zapping a zit with a laser is a bit overkill. However, it's important to understand that not all lasers are created equal. The lasers used in the treatment of acne are non-ablative lasers.

Non-ablative lasers, unlike ablative lasers, can zap a zit without causing much damage to the skin. This means minimal scaring (if any). The laser works on the acne by emitting a wavelength of light that generates heat around the over-active sebaceous gland. It's technically injuring the gland so that it won't be producing so much sebum in the future.

Does It Hurt?

While most acne sufferers are all for putting a stop to all that sebum production, the first question they often ask is "Does it hurt?" The answer is yes and no. It isn't exactly comfortable, but many acne sufferers say it hurts a lot less than trying to pop a deep, irritated, high-pressure zit.

Who Can Do It?

If you're interested in using non-ablative laser therapy for your acne then you'll want to contact a dermatologist in your area who offers the treatment. They can help you decide if it's right for you, how much it will cost and how soon you can expect to see results.

In the fight against acne, non-ablative lasers may be your best weapon yet.

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