Can Energy Drinks Be One of the Causes of Acne?

The causes of acne can be many. Could energy drinks be causing yours?

There are so many causes of acne; you really don't need to add one more to the list. But, if you drink energy drinks, you may have to do just that. Many acne sufferers notice an increase in acne breakouts after drinking these energy-boosting drinks. Keep reading to see why.

Acne and energy drinks

Have you ever had a time when you thought you absolutely had to have more energy? You might have needed that extra boost when you were moving, studying for or taking final exams, or working overtime. Whatever the reason, you turned to energy drinks to get you through that tough, energy draining time.

Fortunately, the energy drinks probably helped you with your energy problem, but unfortunately chances are, it didn't help your complexion. The fact of the matter is energy drinks don't do your skin any favors. After drinking energy drinks for several days, you probably notice an increase in your breakouts. Why? Three reasons.

Caffeine --

Energy drinks contain anywhere from 70-100 mg of caffeine per 12 ounce serving. This is the same as 2 soft drinks or one cup of coffee. Many energy drinks also contain Guarana, which also has caffeine, for that extra energy boost.

The problem with caffeine is that it affects more than just your energy level. It dilates your blood vessels and puts many of your body systems into overdrive. This is enough to cause a breakout.

Dehydrating --

Energy drinks, like soda incidentally, are dehydrating. One sure way to improve your skin is to drink plenty of pure, clean water as a means of hydrating your skin. Drinking energy drinks may satisfy your thirst temporarily, but in the long run, they dehydrate your body, which is one of the causes of acne breakouts.

Sugar --

We all know sugar isn't good for us and each energy drink has 5 to 8 teaspoons of sugar. This is more sugar than is recommended by the RDA for the entire day. Sugar is a known culprit and one of the causes of acne.

There are many causes of adult and teen acne, many of which you can easily avoid. Energy drinks are one of them. Now that you know energy drinks are one of the causes of acne, avoid them like the plague and keep your skin clear by drinking good, old water.

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