Can An Acne Pen Write The End of Your Acne Story?

New Acne Pen Released for Treatment of Acne Blemishes

What if you could erase your acne with a pen? It's not a science fiction fantasy. A medical device company has just released a new acne pen that can fight acne and remove blemishes overnight.

You're Not Dreaming

No, it's not a joke and you're not dreaming. There really is a new acne pen that can help get rid of unsightly acne blemishes. The pen works by using silver to disrupt cell metabolism and inhibit cell division. Its anti-microbial properties can actually reduce the acne bacteria in your pores in just minutes and, according to the makers, it can make some blemishes disappear overnight.

Does It Work?

In all honesty the acne pen probably won't zap all of your pimples instantly. It can, however, reduce the severity of your blemishes and can make them disappear faster. You'll need to treat the blemishes about three times each day for the pen to be completely effective. And it's not just a pen. Technically you have to spray your blemish with the mist (which also contains silver) and then use the pen on the misted area.

If you like all-natural acne treatments and don't like putting a bunch of chemicals on your skin (or taking prescription acne medications) this might be something to consider. Be warned, however, that the acne pen does have a bit of a price tag to it. For the pen and two misting bottles of the silver spray you'll pay $167.63 (although the pen was on sale for $117.63 at the ReBuilder Medical website when I wrote this).

It's worthwhile to note that the pen does come with a 30-day guarantee. If it doesn't work, you can return it within 30 days by calling the company for an RMA number. That does take the risk out of trying it.

If you do get the acne pen, drop us a line and let us know how it works for you. We're interested in seeing how many of our readers benefit from the technology.

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