Can An Acne Lightbox Really Help Your Complexion?

Read This Before Investing In An Acne Lightbox

If you're like many acne sufferers, you're probably willing to try any product, device, gizmo or contraption out there to rid yourself of your acne condition. The acne lightbox is one popular anti-acne product that many swear by and others ridicule. So what's the real deal? Can an acne lightbox really help alleviate your acne woes? Here are some things you need to know...

They Do Work

First things first -- do acne lightboxes really work? The answer is yes. They actually do, but not for all acne conditions. If you have severe or cystic acne, the help you'd get from an acne lightbox probably wouldn't be notable. On the other hand, studies involving those with mild to moderate acne show that an acne lightbox can reduce acne by up to 75 percent.

Not All Lightboxes Are Created Equal

If you have mild to moderate acne and decide that an acne lightbox is the way to go, remember that not all lightboxes are created equal. If you want a lightbox that treats acne, it needs to produce blue and red light. White light will not help with your acne condition so make sure you're getting the right type of lightbox.

The Price Factor

Now comes the price issue -- and remember, you get what you pay for. If you want an acne lightbox that really works, don't plan on spending less than $100. In fact, some of the better lightboxes will run you $250 or more.

The price of an acne lightbox may seem steep, but if you've been spending countless dollars on over-the-counter beauty treatments, a $250 lightbox should be a walk in the park. It is, after all, a one-time investment whereas beauty creams and miracle solutions are a month-to-month expense.

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