Body Acne Explained

What is Body Acne?

When most people think of acne, body acne rarely comes to mind. Facial acne is what people usually see the most because the face is very visible. Body acne can be disguised rather easily especially during the winter months. If you’re like most individuals, you are more familiar with facial acne, so you might be wondering what exactly body acne is.

Is The Face a Part of the Body?

Body acne really doesn’t include facial acne even though the face is obviously part of the body. The term body acne usually refers to acne that is on any part of the body except the face. Body acne can occur on almost any area of the body. The back is one very common area, in addition to the face, that is affected by acne. In fact, the term bacne is the result of combining the words back and acne. The chest and shoulders are other areas that are often affected by body acne as well. Concealing acne on the shoulders can be more difficult during the summer months because sleeveless shirts are very popular once the weather warms up.

It's Easier To Hide

Concealing body acne that is on the back can be easier because most shirts will conceal it, and you can usually easily avoid wearing shirts that don’t conceal it.

Other Not-So-Nice Areas

Acne can also occur on the buttock and neck areas. Depending on how bad body acne on the buttock region is, it can be very annoying or even painful, but at least it can be concealed. Acne on the neck is a bit more difficult to treat because the skin in the neck region is very sensitive and the fold of your neck can complicate and further aggravate existing acne.

It is never a good idea to use acne products that are intended for body acne on your face. However, you will unlikely do any harm if you use facial products on your body acne.

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