Baby Acne May be The Worst Acne of All

What is Baby Acne?

The phrase “baby acne” seems like a bit of a misnomer. When most individuals think of acne, adolescents come to mind. We really don’t even consider the fact that babies can experience acne too. When we envision a baby’s complexion, we tend to visualize flawless “baby-smooth” skin. Unfortunately, baby acne does indeed exist and it’s something parents, people who will one day be parents and/or anyone who knows someone who is or will be a parent need to know about.

Not All Babies Have “Baby-Smooth” Skin

Baby skin is not always as perfect and unblemished as we usually think it should be. There are some babies who suffer from baby acne for one reason or another. Baby acne can be visible at birth, although it most often surfaces a few weeks afterwards.

The exact cause of baby acne isn’t known, but many experts speculate that baby acne is caused by the hormones a baby is exposed to in the weeks before his or her birth via the placenta. It most often occurs on the cheeks, chin, and/or forehead.

Ways to Care for Babies Suffering from Baby Acne

There are some things to keep in mind when dealing with baby acne. If your baby is experiencing baby acne, don’t scrub his face. Simply wash his face once a day with water and do not use any lotions. If your doctor feels that the acne is severe enough to cause scarring, an acne cream containing benzoyl peroxide might be recommended.

Most often you will simply have to wait for baby acne to clear up on its own. Unless the baby acne lasts for more than six months, treatment usually isn’t recommended.

The only usual drawback of baby acne is its appearance. It doesn’t really cause any discomfort for your baby and unless severe, lasting scars are very unusual. Baby acne almost always clears up on its own so wait it out and tend to your baby’s skin carefully until his or her complexion is as smooth as it was meant to be.

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