What Causes Baby Acne -- And How to Treat It

Baby acne is an unpleasant thing. It's uncomfortable for your child and frustrating for you. As new parents, we want to protect our helpless, adorable babes from pain and suffering, so many parents set out to learn what causes baby acne and how to treat it. But unfortunately, while there are some methods you can use to tackle and prevent infant acne, the best treatment is usually none at all.

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Natural Solutions for Baby Acne

If you're dealing with baby acne, you know how frustrating it can be. The acne treatments that work for adults and teenagers aren't effective on infants, and worse yet, they can damage delicate skin. That can make baby acne a mother's worst nightmare: a painful, unsightly condition with no apparent treatment.

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Understanding the Causes of Baby Acne and How to Treat it

Clear up baby acne safely and quickly with these tips

No one likes baby acne. You bring home your perfect little bundle of joy all soft, sweet, and smooth and the next thing you know, ugly bumps and pimples cover your babe. While very upsetting to new parents, understanding the causes means you find an effective acne baby treatment and baby acne remedies.

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Baby Acne Can Be a Mother's Worst Nightmare

What You Need to Know About Baby Acne

When you think of a baby's complexion, you think of smooth, blemish-free skin -- which is why baby acne is such a disturbing development for most parents. After all, you clean your baby and take proper care of him (or her). Why in the world has baby acne plagued your little darling's complexion? We have the answers.

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Baby Acne May be The Worst Acne of All

What is Baby Acne?

The phrase “baby acne” seems like a bit of a misnomer. When most individuals think of acne, adolescents come to mind. We really don’t even consider the fact that babies can experience acne too. When we envision a baby’s complexion, we tend to visualize flawless “baby-smooth” skin. Unfortunately, baby acne does indeed exist and it’s something parents, people who will one day be parents and/or anyone who knows someone who is or will be a parent need to know about.

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What Causes Baby Acne -- And How to Treat It


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