Avoiding Adult Acne

Adult Acne and the Stress Connection

Many people insist that stress causes adult acne. It’s certainly not a far-fetched idea. Stress can have all sorts of negative effects on the human body. Increased stress can weaken your immune system, elevate your blood pressure, and make you feel horrible. Stress also can impact your acne; however, stress doesn’t actually cause adult acne.

Stress Is Not a Sure-Fire Acne Indicator

Stress is certainly linked to adult acne and even the acne that teenagers experience. Ultimately, though, stress and adult acne are correlated with one another. Stress is certainly not healthy for your body. However, an individual can be stress-free and still experience adult acne. Some individuals use medication to treat stress or anxiety, and one side effect of such medication can be acne.

Even though stress does not directly cause adult acne, you should still aim to lessen your stress levels. Incorporate stress-relieving activities into your day. Try yoga or some other similar exercise. Soaking in a bathtub filled with Epsom salts can help to alleviate stress and relax your muscles.

Some Stress-Related Circumstances

Another reason that overstressed individuals will experience adult acne is because they tend to make poor diet choices. Putting in late hours at the office often results in a take-out order at the local pizza restaurant because there is no time to cook. Or, even if you do cook all of your meals, the quantity of consumption will increase in over stressed individuals.

Overstressed individuals tend to not get regular sleep cycles. This leads to the behavior that causes adult acne. Lack of a solid sleep schedule leads to late night snacking of chips, snacks, and several water-depleted beverages such as coffee and colas. Although most of us live in fast-paced environments, you should make your best effort to avoid excessive stress and keep a solid sleep schedule in order to reduce adult acne.

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