Are You Using Poison to Treat Your Rosacea?

Don’t use this poison for rosacea treatment.

Rosacea is a skin disorder that causes flushing and acne-like symptoms. This skin disorder currently affects 14 million Americans, most of which are women. While rosacea isn't life threatening, it is a disorder that needs professional treatment by dermatologists. Unfortunately, some doctors are prescribing medicine that could be doing more harm than good.

Poisonous Rosacea Treatments

Most rosacea patients use topical ointment they apply directly to the skin. The most common ointment prescribed is Metrogel 0.75% and the results have been good. But many patients are now using a new treatment.

Sometimes prescribed by dermatologists, sometimes the rosacea patients self-treat themselves with it. Regardless of how the patients begin using this treatment, they need to realize the treatment is poisonous.

Lice Products Effective Against Rosacea

Yes, it's true. It turns out lice products treat rosacea quite effectively. According to the Journal of Family Practice, the permethrin 5% cream found in lice shampoos, are superior to Metrogel 0.75%.

So what's the problem?

Lice and are higher-level organisms and products like Nix® and Rid® were created with the purpose of killing them. Lice products that contain permethrin have the warning on the label 'don't inhale, drink, or get in eyes. Don't exceed 10 minutes on body.'


Because permethrin is a pesticide found on the same chart as herbicides, fungicides and pesticide poisons. It takes a strong pesticide to kill lice. There have been several lawsuits against lice products due to permanent damage caused to children. The damage came about because parents didn't follow the instructions and used the product too frequently or left the product on the child for longer than 10 minutes.

Although the FDA approved these lice products in 11/1/96, you can easily see that misusing the product can lead to serious side effects and permanent damage. You can also see how using any product with permethrin, applying it directly to your skin and leaving it there for extended periods can lead to serious problems.

Use Safe Rosacea Products

Although products with premethrin do a good job of reducing the symptoms of rosacea, the long-term side effects just aren't worth it. If you've read reports about using lice products to treat your rosacea, think again. Be safe and don't self-treat with poisonous products like these.

When your dermatologist prescribes rosacea medication for you, ask questions. Ask if the cream contains premethrin, pyrethrins, or lindane. Until doctors invent better treatments for rosacea, its best to stay with Metrogel and be safe.

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