Are You Making Your Acne Worse by Doing These 12 Things?

Take this quiz and see if you're guilty of these 12 things that cause acne

There are many causes of acne and unfortunately, it tends to be hereditary. Parents that had acne problems when younger tend to have children that have acne problems too. Even though acne is hereditary to a large extent, there are still some things that make it worse. If you're having trouble controlling your acne, check this list of 12 things and see if you're causing some of your breakouts.

Acne Checklist

You can't do anything about heredity, but you can avoid the following things. Review this checklist and see what you might be doing that's making your acne worse.

Tight-fitting Clothing - When your skin can't breathe or is irritated by clothing, it breaks out more often. Avoid wearing clothes that fit too snugly or that have straps that rub and irritate. Tight-fitting bras, football equipment, spandex workout clothing, headbands, and turtleneck sweaters may cause your skin to breakout.

Equipment that you use frequently can make you breakout too. Violins held under your chin every day and sports pads are culprits that contribute to acne.

Irritating Hair and Skin Products - People that have acne tend to have sensitive skin. If you discover you have breakouts along your hairline, it could be your hair products or the soap you wash with. Look for hypoallergenic products or products with all natural ingredients.

Washing too Often - Believe it or not, washing your face too often causes breakouts. Wash your face twice daily with warm water and a mild, natural soap. Washing more often can dry and irritate your skin.

Scrubbing Your Face - Just as you don't want to wash your face too often, you don't want to scrub too hard. It's tempting when you have acne to scrub - it makes you feel like you can scrub the pimples off your face. All this does is irritate your skin. Wash gently with the right acne products and your skin will clear.

Abrasive Skin Care Products - Products that exfoliate or that have ingredients like pumice or seeds are often too harsh for acne-prone skin.

Deodorant Soaps - These soaps often have strong chemicals in them that are effective against body odor, which is great. But, they aren't great for cleaning your face. Use body soap and a special soap for your face.

Dry Skin - When you have acne, you're often afraid to use moisturizer because you don't want it to clog your pores. But, washing frequently, different acne products and acne treatments cause your skin to dry out more than usual. Use a pure and natural moisturizer that is noncomedogenic for a moisturizer that protects your skin but doesn't cause it to break out.

Incomplete Rinsing - Wash your face as recommended but don't forget to rinse completely. Leaving a soap residue can cause breakouts.

Stress - This is no secret. Anytime you're stressed, you probably notice your skin breaks out. Do your best to remove stress from your life and learn ways to control it.

Picking and Touching - It's hard not to pick bumps and pimples but doing so is a major cause of acne. Every time you touch a pimple and then touch another place on your face, you spread acne-causing bacteria.

Sweating - It's okay to work out and sweat, but be sure and wash immediately. Don't leave sweaty clothes on as it traps oil and sweat and causes breakouts.

Hairstyle - If your hairstyle is one that hangs in your face, it could be causing breakouts. Keep your hair off your face as much as possible to let your skin breathe.

Medications - If you're on medication for any other medical conditions, talk to your doctor about your acne. It's possible that your medication is causing your acne. However, never stop taking prescribed medication without talking to your doctor first.

There are many causes of acne that you can't control - hormones, heredity, and pregnancy are just a few. The items on the checklist above are things you can control. Review this list and see which ones may be contributing to your acne breakouts. Do your best to eliminate or minimize them and you'll be on your way to controlling your acne.

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