Are You Embarrassed by Cystic Acne?

Unless you have Cystic Acne, you don't truly understand how embarrassing it can be. Learn to prevent your breakouts with these 5 tips.

It never fails. Just when you have something special planned -- a wedding, graduation, a special date -- it happens. You have a huge breakout and your plans are ruined. Unless you have Cystic Acne, it's hard to understand how embarrassing it can be and how many special times have been canceled because of the embarrassment of breakouts. To prevent this from happening to you again, follow these tips.

Prevent Cystic Acne Breakouts with These Tips

Tip #1 -- Dermatologist

Find a good dermatologist -- Cystic acne is the worst form of acne and can cause permanent scaring. Avoid these scars and the embarrassment they cause, by finding a reputable dermatologist to prescribe an antibiotic to prevent breakouts.

The most common antibiotic for this type of acne is Accutane. Many acne sufferers have had great success by using this prescription which works in about 90% of the cases. However, Accutane does have side affects that you need to discuss with your dermatologist. If you don't want to use a strong prescription, try one of the other tips.

Tip #2 - Cleanliness

Wash your face at least two times daily. Cleanliness is your number one defense against Cystic Acne breakouts. Keep your skin dirt and oil free.

Tip #3 - Benzoyl Peroxide

Apply Benzoyl Peroxide five minutes after you have washed your face if you have chosen not to use a strong prescription like Accutane. Find a product that has at least 2.5% concentration for the best results.

Tip #4 -- Salicylic Acid

Use a product that has at least 2% salicylic acid twice a day. This is most effective if you use it approximately ten minutes after you have washed your face.

Tip #5 - Alternative Treatments

Try alternative treatments for cystic acne. These treatments don't just treat the symptoms, but go to the root of the problem to prevent breakouts. Alternative treatments work to improve all the factors that contribute breakouts: diet; lifestyle; detoxifying your body.

Alternative treatments can work fast and prevent future breakouts once you understand all the causes and make the necessary adjustments to your diet and lifestyle.

Don't miss another special day or be embarrassed again. Try these 5 tips to see which one works best for you, your body, and your situation. Soon, you will be free from Cystic Acne.

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