Are Prescription Drugs The Answer To Acne?

The Lowdown on Using Prescription Drugs For Acne

“Take two of these and call me in the morning.” The fact that we use this statement so frequently is an indication of just how dependent people have become in regards to taking medication. Have a headache? Pop a few pills. Have a stomach ache? Take two more. Under stress? Here’s a couple more for you. Oh? Are you having a hard time sleeping? It’s probably a side effect from all the pills you’re taking. Take two of these before you go to bed. They’ll help you get to sleep. With so much medication being thrown at us each time we have an ailment, should we really be turning to pills as a solution to our acne?

What’s Causing Your Acne?

Before I get into the reasons not to use a prescription drug for your acne, I’d like to clarify that there are indeed some instances in which prescription drug usage is a good idea. For instance, if your acne is being caused due to a hormone imbalance caused by a condition like PCOD, the medication you take for the condition can help clear up your acne.

The difference in this type of situation is that the medication prescribed to PCOD patients is prescribed to balance out their hormone levels, which results in a reduction of acne. It’s not prescribed as an acne treatment and it’s not an acne medication. Acne medications have no other purpose than to get rid of your blemishes, and they can really take a toll on your system.

The Side Effects of Acne

Some of the serious side effects associated with oral acne prescriptions include pregnancy complications, increased brain pressure, liver damage, hearing and vision problems, and even death. Really makes you wonder if the risks are worth it, doesn’t it?

A Band-Aid, Not A Cure

Another thing to consider when thinking about taking an acne prescription is the fact that an oral prescription is not going to fix what’s causing your acne -- it’s just going to cover up the problem. If you really want to get rid of your acne, you need to attack the problem that’s causing it, and that means learning about your acne and what you need to do to stop it.

There is an e-course you can subscribe to that does a great job of explaining this in detail. It’s absolutely free and it’s helped a lot of people, so it’s definitely worth a try.

To sign up for the free acne e-course, visit this acne website.

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