Are Facial Scrubs Good For Acne?

Why Acne Sufferers Should Avoid Certain Products -- Including Facial Scrubs

If you suffer from acne, there are definitely some products you will want to avoid and facial scrubs are one of those products. I realize that may be frustrating if you really want to try anything and everything you come across in hopes it will get rid of unsightly acne blemishes. However, if you use an inappropriate product, it can result in an acne explosion. Unfortunately, the reality is that when you suffer from acne, there are just some products you can’t use.

Grainy Isn’t Good

Acne sufferers should steer clear of products with a grainy texture, usually marketed as scrubs. There are many of these facial scrubs on the market, and they can really aggravate acne. Scrubs are great for exfoliating, and everyone should exfoliate to some extent, even acne sufferers. However, scrubs contain small particles, such as ground nuts, that can cut acne blemishes and further aggravate your skin condition. If a pimple gets cut, it will take longer to heal and it can also transmit pus from one area of your face to another, resulting in even more acne.

Banned From Exfoliation?

So are you destined to live with dead skin cells and a drab complexion? Absolutely not! Acne sufferers can still exfoliate -- just not as harshly. Simply use a wet washcloth and small circular motions to exfoliate rather than a harsh scrub.

When you know someone with super clear skin, it can be very tempting to try the exact same products that he or she uses. You think that if a product works well for someone else, it will also work well for you. When you suffer from acne, you always want to know what products your friends with clear skin are using. The truth is that those same products will probably not work for you the way they work for your clear-complexioned friends.

If you really want to help your complexion, avoid harsh scrubs and any grainy facial products. The only exfoliating cream you should even consider using as an exfoliating scrub should be finely ground oatmeal mixed with tea tree oil. Oatmeal can be soothing, and if it is finely ground down, it isn’t likely to irritate your skin. Other than that, all the other exfoliating products are off limits.

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