Are Eggs an Effective Acne Treatment?

Learn a simple acne treatment that could change your life!

Acne treatment is expensive. People who suffer, though, generally find the results worth the cost. Sure, you're piling chemicals on your skin and paying through the teeth for the opportunity, but who cares -- just so those obnoxious red dots go away.

I fully sympathize with everyone who's going broke paying for acne treatments, and also with those who want a more natural cure for their problems. Fortunately, there's something that might be worth a try.

Why egg yolks work

If curing acne was as simple as smearing egg yolk on your face, everyone would do it, right? Well, of course it's NOT that simple: as with anything, there are warnings and caveats that go along with egg yolk masks as an acne treatment. However, there are a number of reasons that egg yolks can treat acne quite effectively.

1. Egg yolks are very rich in Vitamin A, a primary ingredient in many acne soaps and medications.

2. Egg yolks contain albumin, a substance known to tighten pores and dry oily skin.

3. Many people have had extremely positive results from using egg yolk masks. In other words, there's a lot of anecdotal evidence in support of egg yolks.

Why egg yolks might not work

Because egg yolks work by drying your skin, they may be ineffective on some types of acne. When oily skin is the culprit, egg yolks can work wonders, but if your acne comes from some other problem the yolks could even make it worse.

Also, if you have very sensitive skin or any type of egg allergies whatsoever, you should absolutely not try an egg yolk acne treatment without talking to a doctor -- the results could be disastrous! A humungous rash and patches of eczema do NOT improve acne.

And, of course, there's the catch-all problem: everyone's skin is different, and so is everyone's acne. That means that the egg yolk mask could work wonders for your best friend, but do nothing for you. Still, if you think you might want to try more natural acne treatments, you could do a lot worse: an egg yolk mask is simple, easy, and inexpensive.

What to do

An egg yolk mask is basically just egg yolk smeared on your face. It feels weird and looks disgusting, so you'll probably want to stick to the privacy of your bathroom. Simply separate the egg yolks from the whites in a normal egg and carefully apply the mask, avoiding your mouth, nose, and eyes. Wash your hands immediately afterwards: raw eggs carry a danger of salmonella, so you don't want to risk contamination.

You can leave the mask on for up to 20 minutes, but even five minutes a couple times a week often has benefits. Never exceed 20 minutes. When you're done, wash your face normally. If this acne treatment works for you, you'll see results within a week or two. And then you can get excited, because you've found a cheap, natural acne treatment that works!

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