An Inexpensive Solution for Your Back Acne Woes

How Epsom Salts Can Help with Back Acne

Back acne is a hard to treat because it’s usually hard to reach. It’s easy to dab a bit of acne ointment on a pimple on your forehead or chin, but it’s difficult to reach your back without a whole lot of twisting and turning. Fortunately, we’ve got one of the easiest solutions for back acne. It doesn’t require any acrobatic movements or uncomfortable positions and, best of all, it’s inexpensive. Read on to find out just how you can treat back acne with very little effort...

Are Epsom Salts in Your Medicine Cabinet?

Epsom salts are a medicine cabinet staple. They alleviate sore muscles, but that's not all they do. Epsom salts can also help with back acne. Simply pour a cup or two into a bathtub while the water is running, get in, lie down, and relax for 15 minutes.

It’s best to avoid rubbing Epsom directly onto your skin. They are abrasive, and rubbing might cause your skin to break or aggravate your acne. Don’t use Epsom salts directly on your face, either. Dissolve Epsom salts in water and then soak a washcloth in it. Lie with that washcloth on your face for five or ten minutes. This way you can enjoy the benefits of Epsom salts on your facial acne without roughening up your skin.

Bang for Your Buck

The best part about Epsom salts is that they are very inexpensive. When you have acne, you usually end up spending a small fortune on acne products because you’re willing to try anything to see if it works. Epsom salts are very budget-friendly, and even if they don’t clear up your skin completely, everyone can use a nice, relaxing bath from time to time.

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