All Grown Up and Still Suffering from Acne?

Tips for clearing up adult acne

You're all grown up but you're still suffering from acne. When is it going to end and what can you do about it? If you're an adult wondering these very things, here are some helpful tips for treating adult acne and the causes.

Why Do I Still Suffer from Acne?

You thought when the awkwardness of the teenage years disappeared so would your acne. If you're like millions of other adults, you were wrong. Many adults still suffer with acne and frequent breakouts but don't understand why.

During the teenage years, you blamed your acne on out-of-whack hormones, inconsistent acne treatments and possibly less than stellar hygiene routines. But that's certainly not the case now. And yet you still find yourself fighting acne.

The most common causes of adult acne include genetics, prescription medication, and cosmetics. Some adults may have rosacea and think it's acne. And even though you're not a teenager any longer going through puberty, as adults, you still have hormonal swings. Women especially have hormonal ups and down due to pregnancies and menopause.

How Can I Clear My Adult Acne?

Now that you know why you still have trouble with acne, what can you do about it? Your first option is to try an over the counter acne product with salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide. After trying the product for two to three months, your acne should clear considerably. If not, it's time to see a dermatologist.

A very adult thing to do that is also relaxing and enjoyable is to have facials on a regular basis. Professional spas can give you facials and peels with organic products made specifically to clear acne.

Another option is to have microdermabrasion. While dermatologists don't recommend this for teenagers, it is a good option for mature skin that suffers from frequent breakouts with discoloration and acne scars. More expensive than the other option, microdermabrasion also gives immediate and long-term results.

In addition to these suggestions, follow the usual tips including:

Remove makeup before going to bed
Use mineral makeup
Use a sunblock that doesn't clog your pores.
Eat a healthy diet including several servings of fruits and vegetables daily
Avoid alcohol, coffee, junk food, white flour and sugar

Clearing acne takes trial and error to find what works best for you. By using one of these options or combining several, you'll soon find yourself with the clear, beautiful skin you've always wanted.

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