Adults and Acne

Adults Can Get Acne Too

If you escaped the teenage years unscathed by acne, you might have assumed you got a free pass, and you may be sorely mistaken. As an adult, you might be upset and surprised to discover your first pimple or two. Then when you experience a full-blown acne breakout, you’ll wonder what in the world went wrong.

Acne Is Not a “Teenage” Condition

Acne can strike adults just like it can strike teenagers. Even newborn babies can experience some pimples as a result of the high hormone exposure that occurs during pregnancy and following birth. To sum it up nicely -- if you have skin you can get acne.

Experiencing acne as an adult can be very troubling if you never experienced it before. Fortunately, you probably have more resources available to treat your acne and you may be willing to spare no expense. Adult acne can, in some cases, be more difficult to treat and determining the cause of adult acne can also be a difficult process. If you’re intent on getting rid of adult acne, you have to commit to be willing to commit the effort.

Why Does It Happen?

There are a number of reasons that acne can occur in adults. Pregnancy is one common cause of adult acne. Pregnancy is a time when hormone levels fluctuate, and that can lead to breakouts. Another cause of certain types of acne is one’s occupation. Chloracne is caused by exposure to chlorinated industrial chemicals, which some adults are exposed to in certain occupations.

If you are experiencing acne as an adult, many of the same products teenagers use can help alleviate your acne, so don’t be embarrassed about purchasing these products. Over-the-counter products containing salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide are great choices. In fact, your favorite cosmetic line may carry products to treat acne. Clinique and Lancome both have acne-fighting products in their lines.

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