Acne vs. The Sun

Can Sun Exposure Cure Acne?

It has been widely rumored that getting a suntan can cure your acne. If you suffer from acne, you might be wondering if there are any truths to the rumor. Before you go and expose your skin to danger in hopes of clearing up a few blemishes, you may want to get the facts straight.

A Dangerous Old Wives Tale

Can getting a suntan really cure your acne? It seems like an unlikely possibility, and according to mainstream medical science, there is no verifiable evidence to support the claim. If, however, you have suffered from acne for a long time, you might be more open-minded to the possibility that alternative treatments can work to help clear up your acne-prone complexion.

Acne and Vitamin D

Some evidence suggests that acne might be caused by a Vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D, also called the sunshine vitamin, is manufactured by your body when you are exposed to the sun. Although you can technically get Vitamin D through your diet, sun exposure is the preferred way of making sure you get enough of this vital vitamin. If your acne is being caused by a vitamin D deficiency, sun exposure may actually help your acne condition.

The Placebo Factor

Another consideration to evaluate is the placebo effect. It has been well-documented that the placebo effect actually has an impact on how patients respond to treatment. In fact, it was the astounding results caused by the placebo effect that caused many pharmaceutical manufacturers to protest such studies. If acne sufferers believe the sun can cure their acne, it just might.

The Sun and Stress

It is widely known that stress can affect acne. Seasonal affective disorder often occurs in the winter when people are exposed to less sunlight. In the summer, people generally tend to be in a better mood because it’s hard not to feel happy when a blazing sun consumes the skyline. Being in a better mood reduces stress levels, and high levels of stress can trigger a host of unwanted side effects including acne flare-ups.

As you can see, answering the question about whether or not sun exposure can cure acne is complicated. Given the recent fact that researchers are now recommending some sun exposure without sunscreen, testing out the rumors may be beneficial if you are looking for an acne cure.

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