Acne Tips for Better Health

These new acne tips can change your life!

In my search for acne tips, I hear a lot about diet. We all know that food can make a difference when it comes to your health. Eat nothing but salt and sugar and even if you don't get acne, you won't lead a very healthy life. Eat a diet high in fiber, lean protein, and fruits and vegetables, and your body will treat you much more kindly.

So what does that mean for acne?

Acne and diet

We already know that a healthy diet can have a profound effect on acne. However, there's even more hope. If you've been eating a healthy diet and still suffer from acne, there are a few more tricks you can try to avoid using acne products -- or worse still, spending a bunch of money to find acne products that don't work.

Acne tips: Acne and Diet

1. Watch your blood sugar

Monitoring your blood sugar levels can be as effective for acne sufferers as it is for diabetics. Of course, you don't have to run out and buy needles or blood sugar monitors, you just have to follow a couple of common sense tips.

-Eat three meals a day. Dieters often hear that six meals a day are better, but studies are starting to show that three square meals a day plus snacks to keep your blood sugar levels up is a better approach.

-That said, make sure you do snack throughout the day. Small snacks prevent your blood sugar levels from fluctuating too much, which can have a negative impact on your body chemistry.

-Choose high protein snacks and structure your meals around lean protein rather than carbohydrates. When you're really hungry, you'll find you crave carbs because they provide a quick energy burst by raising your blood sugar -- which just as quickly plummets. Eating high protein snacks can prevent the fall.

2. Choose organic and natural foods more often

Although studies are sketchy on this, most people agree that the additives, sprays, and chemicals we dump into our food can't possibly be doing us any good. Choosing naturally grown and organic foods is a good way to make sure you're not taking in any weird chemicals that might cause your body to react badly and create acne. Also, it's better for you and the environment!

That means that, when possible, you should choose organic fruits and vegetables, along with grain fed meat. That's especially true for beef. Red meat has gotten a bad rap, but if you choose very lean, grain fed beef, you can get a good dose of omega 3s and lean protein.

There is no acne free diet, but eating naturally and keeping your blood sugar levels steady can help make a difference. As with all acne tips, figure out what works for you and go from there.

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