Acne Prevention -- Oldies but Goodies

Acne prevention is a multilayered thing. On the one hand, there are some simple tips everyone can follow that will nip acne in the bud more effectively than many acne treatment products. On the other, what causes acne can vary from person to person. Your acne 'triggers' might not be the same as your best friend's, your wife's, or even your sister's.

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Acne Tips for Better Health

In my search for acne tips, I hear a lot about diet. We all know that food can make a difference when it comes to your health. Eat nothing but salt and sugar and even if you don't get acne, you won't lead a very healthy life. Eat a diet high in fiber, lean protein, and fruits and vegetables, and your body will treat you much more kindly.

So what does that mean for acne?

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5 Secrets of Acne Free Skin Revealed

When you're battling acne, you hear many remedies, cures, tips and 'how to's'. For instance, how many times have you heard 'Healthy skin starts from the inside out?' Probably, many times. But while you may be tired of hearing it, it's true. Working from the inside out is the best acne treatment you can use.

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Are Facial Steams the Right Acne Treatment for You?

Many acne sufferers turn to facial steams when their acne flares up. When the pain of inflammation or the dry, burning, and itching skin won't quit, acne sufferers say they get relief from the steam. But, is this really an effective acne treatment and can it actually do more harm than good?

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3 Quick and Easy Tips to Get Rid of Adult Acne in 30 Days or Less

Let's face it. Adult acne is embarrassing. You're all grown up. You live an adult life. You have an adult job. You make adult decisions. And yet, when you look in the mirror and see your complexion with zits, bumps, and scars, you're embarrassed. You feel like an awkward teenager once again.

It's time to get rid of these problems and the feelings that go along with it them. Let's look at 3 quick and easy tips to give you the clear, smooth complexion you've always dreamed about.

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Sure-Fire Weapon to Beat Acne

How desperate are you to finally get rid of your acne? Pretty desperate, huh? If you had a sure-fire weapon that would give you clear skin and a healthy, glowing complexion would you use it? Let's see.

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Acne Tips for the Prom

Use these helpful acne tips to get rid of your acne in time for the prom.

Need some acne tips for prom night? You look forward to this night all school year and the big night is going to be here before you know it. You have the perfect dress. You have the perfect hairstyle. You even have the perfect date. But...are you going to have the perfect complexion? If you suffer from acne, you just never know when you're going to have a major breakout.

Use these helpful acne tips to get rid of your acne in time for the prom.

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Can Birth Control Pills Really Control Your Acne?

The truth about birth control pills and acne

If you've seen any of the birth control commercials on television lately, you may be asking yourself if the pills really can get rid of your acne. Can a once-a-day pill actually banish those unsightly blemishes, or is this just another pie-in-the-sky story being sold to anti-acne hopefuls? The truth may surprise you...

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What You Should Know About Waxing And Acne

Can Waxing Cause Acne?

It seems that many women tend to experience an acne breakout after waxing. Like many women, I am a slave to getting my excess hair removed by this process, and I too have suffered my fair share of acne flare-ups afterwards. Is it due to the waxing? The answer to this question may not be what you expected.

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Winter Weather is Not the Acne Sufferer's Friend

How to Abate Acne During The Harsh Winter Climate

As if winter's snow storms, harsh winds and biting cold wasn't bad enough, it seems that this time of year can cause acne breakouts as well. Why does it happen and how can you avoid it? Here are a few things you need to know if you want to avoid acne during the colder months...

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Can Holiday Binging Affect Your Acne Condition?

Why the Holidays Seem to Usher in Acne Outbreaks

It seems that many of us experience acne outbreaks at the worst possible moments - and that includes the holiday season. When everyone's cameras are out and rearing to go, our blemishes race to the forefront in all their infamous glory. Why does it happen? Is it a cruel trick of fate? Here's some info to help you understand and avoid acne breakouts this time of year...

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Feline Acne: Can Pets Get Acne Too?

What You Need to Know About Feline Acne

We've talked about adult acne, baby acne, teenage acne, body acne and every other acne under the sun -- but what about feline acne? If you're one of those who have gotten weird looks when you tell people you think your cat may have acne, you're not alone. Your cat may indeed have it, and there are some things you need to know...

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Can Omega 3 Help Cure Acne?

What Acne Suffers Should Know About Omega 3

We all know that Omega 3 acids are chock-full of health benefits, but can they really help fight acne? Recent studies indicate that may very well be the case. If you're interested in using the power of Omega 3 to clear up your acne condition, here's some information that may interest you.

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Is Your Acne a Sign of Insulin Resistance?

Insulin Resistance And Acne

Adult acne, especially in women, may be tied to insulin resistance and the intricate hormonal balances that it plays a part of. In essence, the presence of acne may indicate a deeper problem with the endocrine system that, when treated, could result in complete resolution of the skin condition.

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Helping Your Teenager Deal With Acne

Your Teen's Acne is Not Unavoidable

While acne may be a rite of passage for most teenagers, knowing that fact certainly doesn't make it any easier to deal with. In the past, however, it used to be an unavoidable scourge. Now there are many treatments available to help your teen get clearer skin and maintain a positive self-image.

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Treat Your Acne Naturally

Home Acne Treatments

Have you ever been overwhelmed by the sheer number of options for acne treatment that are available at your local store? Have you ever thought that there must be a better option, that you should be able to clear your skin up without using a myriad of irritating chemical agents? Consider trying some of the more popular home remedies for acne!

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Teens Don't Have To Put Up With Acne

Acne Doesn't Have To Be a Fact of Life

Are you the parent of a teenager with acne? Do you consider the condition to be a rite of passage into adulthood? Perhaps it once was, but suffering from acne is no longer a scourge to grow out of. Yes, you had acne, you wanted to hide during breakouts (but couldn't), and you wished that it would just go away so that you didn't feel so self-conscious - but you survived, right? And so will your teenager, right? Not really...

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Forget the Acne Stereotypes

Acne Treatments: Not Just For Teenagers Anymore

Acne used to be the scourge of the awkward teenager, but it is now recognized as a condition that affects people of all ages and walks of life - from the stereotypical high school student to the accomplished actresses. Now, not only do you NOT have to hid while suffering from a breakout, but you can feel confident perusing the various treatment options in the skin care aisles, because you are definitely not alone!

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More Helpful Acne Tips To Live By

Acne Tips for Acne Sufferers

Acne affects both teens and adults. Sometimes it seems that no matter what we do or what acne solutions we try, the acne always comes back -- and sometimes it's worse than before. Unfortunately, there is no simple solution to our acne problems. This means being creative. Here are some tips to help you...

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Diet and Acne: We Told You So, We Told You So

Diet Does Indeed Affect Acne

Oh they swore it was an old wives tale - they insisted that it was hogwash - the majority of the medical community refused to admit that diet could indeed play a role in acne breakouts. Well my friends -- those of us who knew the know-it-all doctors were wrong -- our time has come. According to a study published by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition diet does indeed affect acne.

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Does Exercise Have Any Impact on Acne?

The Acne and Exercise Connection

Think acne and exercise have nothing to do with one another? You might want to think twice. Acne is definitely impacted by your exercise habits -- in both good and bad ways. If you have acne, here are some things you need to know...

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If You Have Acne, Sunless Tanners May Not Be Your Friend

Can Sunless Tanners Cause Acne?

Summer's right around the corner and those of us who want to "fake bake" in preparation for our warmer weather wardrobes are looking into the sunless tanners on the market. The problem is that those of us who suffer from acne can't just pick any tanner off the shelf. Why? Because sunless tanners may cause acne breakouts. Here's what you need to know...

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Are All Spa Facials Created Equal?

What You Need to Know About Spa Facials and Acne

If you have acne you've probably heard that a spa facial can benefit your complexion. Unfortunately, that's where most advice ends. Not all spa facials are created equal and some can actually make acne worse instead of better. If you have acne and have been thinking about facial services, there are some things you need to keep in mind.

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Is Dermaclear Really a One-Step Acne Miracle?

What You Need to Know About Dermaclear

Many acne experts have been touting the benefits of Dermaclear acne treatment and many acne war wagers are jumping on the Dermaclear bandwagon. After all, with its low price and money-back guarantee, what have they got to lose? If you've been considering Dermaclear, make sure you understand what it is, how it works and whether or not it's right for you. Here are some important things to consider.

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Addressing The Sensitive Subject of Genital Acne

What You Need to Know About Genital Acne

It's not an acne topic that is often touched upon, but the fact of the matter remains that countless people are affected by genital acne. Contrary to what popular opinion may be, genital acne is not an STD and it is nothing to be ashamed of. If you've been suffering from this acne condition, here's some helpful information.

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Is Your Prescription Drug Causing Acne Breakouts?

Some Prescription Drugs Can Trigger Acne

If you've tried everything you can think of to clear your acne and your breakouts still haven't gone away, your prescription medications may be to blame. Believe it or not, there are quite a few prescription drugs that can trigger acne breakouts. Want to know if your medicine is on the list? Here are the ones to look out for...

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Why Doctors Aren't The "Be All and End All" Acne Solution

Sometimes It Takes Going Back to Nature To Fight Acne

It never ceases to amaze me how some people absolutely refuse to adhere to any acne advice that isn't given by a doctor. Why oh why haven't we learned? Doctors are a wonderful thing, but they are not, by any means, the be all and end all acne solution. Why? Here's some facts that might (or might not) surprise you.

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When Are Antibiotics Necessary to Treat Acne?

What You Need to Know About Antibiotics and Acne

There used to be a time when dermatologists would automatically prescribe antibiotics to any patients who came in for acne. Fortunately, times have changed. The medical community is trying to shy away from prescribing antibiotics like candy -- mostly because of the antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria that have resulted from their overuse. But does that mean no one with acne needs antibiotic medication? The answer might surprise you.

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Acne, Teens, and Depression

Are Teens with Acne More Susceptible to Depression?

When discussing acne, one very important aspect of the condition is often overlooked. We need to remember that it’s important to look beyond the physical aspects of acne and consider the emotional and psychological aspects as well. Some research has even shown a link between acne and depression. What does this mean for teenagers?

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What Acne Products Should You Carry in Your Purse?

Portable Acne Fighters

If you have acne, there are some “purse essentials” that you should keep with you at all times. A well-stocked purse can be very helpful for any girl or woman with acne, whether you’re 15 or 35. Wondering what acne fighters your purse should contain? Here are a few essentials...

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Three Dietary Changes That Can Improve Your Acne

Can These Diet Tips Help Your Acne Condition?

The link between acne and diet is a worthwhile point to consider if you're one of the many people who suffer from acne. The problem is, not many dermatologists are willing to make recommendations about diet changes or even admit there's a link between diet and acne breakouts. The mainstream medical community typically relies on prescription medication and other procedures to treat the condition. Diet can, however, play an important role in your acne fight. Here's some information no acne sufferer should be without...

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Are Expensive Acne Products Worth the Price?

The Facts About Expensive Acne Products

When it comes to acne, we have a tendency to be willing to spend anything on high quality products with the hope that we’ll achieve clear skin. But does a higher price really equate to a better product? Below we’ll evaluate whether or not expensive products are always better when it comes to acne.

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What You Need to Know About Acne and Aluminum Toxicity

What’s Really Causing Your Acne?

Most individuals who have acne would try almost anything and everything if they felt that it would improve their skin condition. When you have acne and nothing seems to be working, you really need to dig deep and consider all possibilities. One possibility for treating acne that is so often overlooked is aluminum toxicity. Is it possible that's the culprit behind your acne condition?

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Acne Mask on the Night Shift

Should You Wear an Acne Mask While You Sleep?

Acne masks can be great when used according to the directions, but what about taking it a step further and using acne masks according to your own directions? Well, that’s exactly what countless acne sufferers have done. Here are some suggestions for using acne masks -- suggestions that most dermatologists don’t tell you about.

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Acne Sufferers Should Take the Day Off

Help Alleviate Your Acne by Taking a Break from Makeup

Want to get rid of your acne? Take a day off, or two, or three. And no, I’m not talking about playing hooky from work. If you suffer from acne, “take the day off” should be your new mantra. If my advice seems a little peculiar, let me explain.

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Zit Tips that No One Wants to Talk About

Tips and Tricks To Help Alleviate Your Zit Woes

Just the word "zit" is enough to make some acne sufferers cringe. I know from experience. However, there are certain things you can do when zits rear their ugly head. Unconventional, yet sometimes very gratifying zit solutions that offer almost-instant relief. If you've ever experienced a painful zit that you want to get rid of fast, here are some zit tips that are sure to help.

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How the Rich and Famous Deal with Acne

Even Celebrities Deal with Acne Breakouts

Rarely do you see a picture of a celebrity suffering from an acne breakout (unless it's posted on some infomercial for the world to see). So are we to truly believe that acne doesn't affect the rich and famous? Absolutely not. The rich and famous suffer from acne too. Here are some of the products and remedies they use to fight it.

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The Truth About Blackheads

Everything You Need to Know About Blackheads

Those who suffer from severe acne sometimes think that people who only suffer from blackheads have it easy. However, those who suffer from blackheads know the truth. Blackheads can be just as upsetting as any other form of acne. If you suffer from blackheads, here is some information that may help.

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Sometimes Males Need Some Extra Acne Help

Acne Help for Males

There is no doubt that being male and having acne presents certain challenges, but don’t worry -- acne help is on the way. From shaving irritation to not being able to wear concealing makeup, males with acne have it rough. We figured we’d lighten the load by sharing some of these helpful male-orientated acne tips.

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How Much Do You Really Know about Acne Care?

Acne Care Tips for Teens and Adults

Acne care is certainly different for adults and teens. It not only involves the physical aspects, but emotional as well. If you want to know how to overcome both the physical and emotional trials of acne, we have some helpful tips.

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Drinking Green Tea Can Help Reduce Acne

Incorporating Green Tea into Your Acne Diet

If you are trying to maintain a diet that will reduce your acne, green tea can be an essential part of your routine. If you think green tea is just a boring old cup of a hot health beverage, think twice. There are an abundance of green tea choices and incorporating green tea into your acne diet may be easier than you think.

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Can Self-Tanning Products Make Your Acne Worse?

What You Need to Know About Acne and Self-Tanning Products

If you suffer from acne, you are probably wondering if you can still use self-tanning products. During this time of year, many people desire a bronze look, and they use self-tanning products to achieve that. If you suffer from acne, you need to understand some things before you go running out and buying the latest self-tanner.

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Can the Bath Towels You Use Make Your Acne Worse?

How Your Bath Towels Can Affect Your Acne

When it comes to treating your acne, you should really leave no stone unturned. Even the silliest little change can make a huge difference in your complexion. After all, when it comes to your acne, do you really want to ignore something that might clear up your skin?

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Are Acne Sufferers Banned From The Spa?

Acne-Prone Skin and Spa Treatments Don’t Have to Be Enemies

When you suffer from acne, it can be easy to feel left out sometimes, especially when it comes to going to the spa. If you suffer from acne, you may have assumed that the spa isn’t a place where you should go. Believe it or not, spas aren’t just for those with perfect skin. In fact, a spa may be acne’s best friend.

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Can Your Acne Disappear if You Change Your Diet?

Another Discussion Regarding Acne and Diet

I’ve talked about the connection between acne and diet before, but it’s such an important topic it needs another look. There is an abundance of information circulating, usually from physicians and dermatologists, that emphasizes the fact that eating junk food does not CAUSE acne. In fact, the mainstream medical community routinely refuses to acknowledge the relationship between diet and acne. That, my friends, is a problem.

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Can Eggs Cause Acne?

The Lowdown on Eggs and Acne

Eggs -- you either love them or hate them. Of course, almost all of us eat eggs in one form or another. Besides the occasional omelets, cake and cookies have eggs too. But can eggs cause an increase in acne?

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Can Your Beverage Choices Affect Your Acne?

Acne and Your Drinking Habits

Water is very important in treating your acne, and that includes both the water you wash yourself in and the water you drink every day. Believe it or not, drinking water won’t only help your body rid itself of the toxins that can contribute to acne, but drinking water can help you avoid drinking beverages that make your acne worse.

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Can Minty Freshness Fight Acne?

A Lesser-Known Weapon In the Acne War

If you want to learn about a commonly-overlooked ingredient that can fight acne, you’ve come to the right place. There are many acne products on the market, and most contain salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. There is one other ingredient, however, that makes an appearance in many acne products. What is the secret ingredient? Mint!

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What Food Can Help Clear Up Your Acne?

Can a Miracle Food Combat Acne?

Some studies have shown that diet is strongly related to acne, but this isn’t widely accepted among dermatologists. A lot of advice dermatologists give isn’t really in the best interests of acne sufferers. In fact, very few dermatologists will admit that diet changes can improve acne. If you’re experiencing acne, the following diet advice can be very useful.

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Summer Acne Tips You Can't Live Without

Get Your Acne Under Control This Summer

During the summer months, it is common to be much more active than we are used to and perspiration definitely increases during the summer months. Unfortunately, so does acne. If you want to avoid acne flareups during the summer months, read on...

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An Acne Solution to the Sunscreen Dilemma

Do You Need an Acne Solution for the Summer Season?

Summer will be here before you know it, and that is the time when a lot of acne sufferers are desperate for an acne solution. Acne is problematic at any time of the year, but the summer months definitely add a bit of a challenge for acne sufferers. Sun, sand, and surf can all cause problems for acne sufferers.

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Rethink All Your Products -- Not Just the Acne Products

Anything You Put on Your Skin, Not Just the Acne Products, Can Contribute to Your Acne

Acne products are important for helping to control acne, but any product that comes in contact with your skin has the potential to affect your acne. If you’re a female who suffers from acne, you might want to rethink what type of makeup remover products you use. There is no denying that removing eye makeup can certainly be difficult. There are so many longwearing mascara and eye products that don’t wash away very easily. Take some time to consider all the products you use on your skin, not just the acne products.

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If You Suffer from Acne, Wash Your Hair the Right Way

What Shampoo Do You Wash Your Hair with?

If you suffer from acne you might want to give some thought to how you wash your hair and what shampoo and conditioner you use. It’s seems odd to consider that washing your hair can affect your acne, but I’m here to let you know that it definitely can. Don’t overlook this very important part of acne care. Learn how to wash your hair so that you don’t make your acne worse.

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Dietary Changes Can Be Your Secret Acne Solution

Find an Acne Solution in Your Very Own Kitchen

Diet modification is a very beneficial acne solution. If you want to achieve clear skin by eliminating foods in your diet that cause acne, the following steps will be very helpful. The best acne solution begins with what you put into your body.

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Tips for Back Acne Sufferers

Some Sound Advice Back Acne

If you suffer from back acne, you might be wondering if spending too much time soaking in the bathtub can have a negative effect on your acne. There is no doubt that back acne certainly needs to be treated differently than facial acne due to the differences between your facial skin and skin on your back. However, will prolonged exposure to water exacerbate back acne?

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Acne Prevention and Diet

Start a Journal as Part of Your Approach to Acne Prevention

The conventional medical community has insisted on more than one occasion that acne is not caused by the foods you eat including sugar, dairy, or junk foods such as potato chips, and acne prevention cannot be achieved by modifying your diet and eliminating certain foods. Many individuals who have suffered from acne will tell you that conventional medicine is simply wrong when it comes to their claim that foods don’t cause or contribute to acne. If you’re looking for more information about how acne prevention can be achieved through diet, don’t move that mouse and stay right here.

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Try the Proactive Acne Approach

When Being Proactive, Acne Can Improve

When acne sufferers are proactive, acne doesn’t rear its ugly head for quite as long as quite as severely. If there is ever a right time to be proactive, acne sufferers would benefit from this personality trait when they are afflicted with acne especially if that acne is severe.

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Acne Help for Acne Sufferers

When Should You Seek Acne Help

Individuals who suffer from acne often wonder about when is the right time to seek acne help. Depending on the individual, acne help is sought out at various phases of acne. There are some important tips to keep in mind for determining when to seek out acne help.

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Acne Genes and Acne Treatments

Are There Really Acne Genes?

Results of recent medical research might just provide the answers that some acne sufferers are looking for, and it seems quite possible that there are, in fact, acne genes. German scientists believe that they have identified important information about a bacterium which is believed to play a role in acne. Individuals who have this bacterium are believed to be at risk for developing acne. So many people are affected with acne at one point in their lives whether it is during the teen years or not until adulthood, and many scientists have long speculated about whether or not there are acne genes.

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Green Tea Should Be the Focus of Every Acne Diet

How Green Tea Can Help Eliminate Acne

If you are interested in modifying your diet to improve your acne, I would suggest that you include green tea to the list of things you consume on a regular basis. Green tea is a staple of Chinese medicine -- and with good reason. The numerous healing benefits of green tea are widely known, and the healing properties of green tea may just extend to acne.

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What Does Laundry Detergent Have To Do With Acne?

How You Wash Your Clothes Mau Actually Affect Your Acne

If you’re experiencing acne, you sometimes need to be a bit of a detective to determine how you can improve the condition. Conventional acne treatments can certainly be helpful, but it is important to not ignore possible culprits that may actually be causing the acne or making it worse. When selecting products to treat our acne, we generally exercise caution because we know we will have to use the products on our faces or bodies on a daily basis. However, there is another product we commonly use that we may not associate with acne -- but that has very much to do with it.

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About Acne: From R to V

Understanding the Differences between Acne Rosacea and Acne Vulgaris

If you’ve always thought a pimple was a pimple, all pimples were acne, and all acne is alike, you might be surprised to learn that not all acne is created equal. In fact, there are actually two main types of acne -- Acne Vulgaris and Acne Rosacea -- that can wreck havoc on your skin. If you really want to be informed about acne, you need to understand the main differences between Acne Vulgaris and Acne Rosacea.

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What in the World is Acidophilus?

Acidophilus: A Commonly- Overlooked Acne Treatment

When you suffer from acne you have a certain willingness to try any proposed miracle cure in the hopes that it will work. It is important to externally address your acne and use specially-formulated products that are intended to improve acne, but addressing your acne internally is also a very powerful way to improve your acne. That’s where acidophilus can help.

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Travel Tips for Acne Sufferers

How to Treat Acne When Traveling

If you’re suffering from acne, it might be tempting to take a break from your usual acne cleansing routine when you go on vacation. I would definitely advise against that. Treating acne requires daily attention, so once you find a routine that works for you, you will definitely want to maintain it -- and that means a vacation from routine life doesn’t mean a vacation from your anti-acne routine.

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Acne Breakouts Overnight?

Why Your Sheets or Pillowcases Might be the Hidden Acne Culprit

Acne can be a bothersome problem for all individuals -- teens and adults alike. There are many things acne-prone individuals can do to reduce their breakouts, but one often overlooked area is what they can do at night to improve their skin condition. If you are looking for ways to curb you acne, don’t forget to overlook the sheets you are sleeping on at night.

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The Affect Winter Has on Acne

How Acne Can Worsen During the Winter Months

Winter is approaching and if you suffer from acne, you might be dreading the upcoming seasonal change. In fact, winter may possibly be the worst time for individuals who suffer from acne flare-ups. If you want to know why it happens and how to avoid it, you definitely need to read on…

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Does Sugar Cause Acne?

Evaluating the Claim That Eating Too Much Sugar Causes Acne

For years people have been saying diet can affect acne while others have dismissed the claim. While it’s true that most foods won’t contribute to acne unless a person has an allergic reaction to them, sugar is the exception. If you are suffering from acne but enjoy sweet foods containing sugar, it just might be time to reevaluate your diet.

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Drink Your Acne Away

Why Drinking Water Can Improve Your Acne

Many people approach the treatment of their acne with a combination of topical and oral medications. With so many treatments available by prescription and over the counter we often overlook the simplest method of treating acne. In fact, one of the most overlooked acne treatments is found in almost every single household and barely costs a dime.

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Want To Reduce Your Acne Breakouts?

The Hidden Secrets to Reducing Acne Breakouts

As you know, acne is a condition that affects children and adults alike. Acne products are heavily marketed with the promise of clearing up this sometimes embarrassing condition. We have all heard the myths about what causes breakouts including chocolate and potato chips. However, your real weapon against counteracting acne involves a common habit that few people realize is detrimental: constantly touching your face.

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What Causes Baby Acne -- And How to Treat It


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