Acne, Teens, and Depression

Are Teens with Acne More Susceptible to Depression?

When discussing acne, one very important aspect of the condition is often overlooked. We need to remember that it’s important to look beyond the physical aspects of acne and consider the emotional and psychological aspects as well. Some research has even shown a link between acne and depression. What does this mean for teenagers?

Acne and Teens

Acne can take its toll, and teenagers who are afflicted with acne are more susceptible to the emotional effects of the condition. If a teenager in your life is affected with acne you’ll want to stay alert for the signs of depression.

One common sign of depression is a big change in appetite or weight. If you notice a significant weight change in a teenager suffering from acne, he or she could be suffering from depression. Remember, not all eating symptoms are the same. Some teenagers eat more when depressed while others will lose their appetites.

Other Symptoms of Depression

Weight change isn’t the only symptom of depression. Feeling helpless, worthless or guilty can also indicate the presence of depression. Teens can experience depression regardless of whether or not they have acne, but teens with acne are definitely at an increased risk. If you notice any of these symptoms in an acne-prone teenager, you need to take action.

Early Treatment is Key

Seeking prompt treatment for acne can really help to limit the possibility of depression. While all acne is treatable, seeking treatment before acne progresses too far or too long can help to minimize scarring and prevent the acne from getting worse.

That being said, if depression does develop it's important that you treat that too. Teenagers have enough to worry about without clinical depression being added to the list.

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