Acne Sufferers Should Take the Day Off

Help Alleviate Your Acne by Taking a Break from Makeup

Want to get rid of your acne? Take a day off, or two, or three. And no, I’m not talking about playing hooky from work. If you suffer from acne, “take the day off” should be your new mantra. If my advice seems a little peculiar, let me explain.

What Are You Doing To Your Skin?

One significant problem related to having acne is simply that the skin receives so much exposure, and our hands are in contact with our skin so much. Everyone needs a break, and that’s even truer for individuals with acne. If you suffer from acne and haven’t taken the day off recently, it’s time you do just that.

No Manager Approval Needed

You’re probably wondering what exactly I mean by taking the day off and what that even has to do with acne. Well, it’s pretty simple. For many individuals, our skin is constantly exposed to the elements every day. Adding insult to injury, the majority of working women apply a lot of makeup over the course of a week. That leaves virtually no time for your skin to “have the day off.”

Give your skin a break, and you’ll eventually see an improvement in your acne. Try to devote a certain amount of time to letting your skin breathe. Ladies, that definitely means wearing no makeup to bed, and it’s even better if you can schedule one or two days a week without wearing makeup at all. If you feel too bare, just wear a little lipstick and a snazzy headband to compensate.

Don’t Forget Your Hair

When you “take the day off,” make sure you avoid using styling products as well. Eventually, no matter how careful we are, hair products find their way onto our faces. The combination of sweat and hair gel can really wreck havoc on acne, so go natural for a couple days each week.

To Help You Get Started

Prior to “taking the day off” I recommend you use an acne facial mask. Sit with your head over a pot of hot water. After about ten minutes, wipe your face with a cotton ball saturated with your preferred facial toner, and then apply an acne facial mask. This routine will jump start your cleansing process, and make you “day off” even more productive towards reducing your acne and helping you achieve clear skin.

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