Acne Products that Won’t Clog Pores

Three Basic Recommendations for Acne Products

Trying to sift through the shelves of acne products available at your local drug store can be time consuming. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with just the sheer number of acne products available, never mind actually stopping to read each label with acne terms that sometimes look like a foreign language. Below we’ll give you our top three recommendations for cleansing products. With these cleansers, it’s back to the basics.

Purpose Cleansers

Purpose is a dermatologist-recommended line of products available from Johnson &
Johnson. Purpose offers a gentle cleansing wash and a gentle cleansing bar that are both hypoallergenic.

If you’re looking for a solid cleanser without unnecessary extras this is a good choice for you. Purpose cleansers are gentle and finding a gentle cleanser is very important for individuals with acne.

Then There’s pHisoderm

Another good line to try is pHisoderm. They offer a foaming facial wash that contains high-quality ingredients at an affordable price. What’s great about pHisoderm products is that even though they contain the same ingredients you’d find in upscale brands, their products are widely available at stores like Target, CVS, and Walgreens and are affordable to boot.

Can’t Forget Cetaphil

Cetaphil offers gentle skin cleanser and a gentle cleansing bar. Cetaphil cleanser is a lightweight, white liquid that washes away very easily. Even some well known movie stars and other Hollywood regulars admit to using Cetaphil, which is quite telling considering they could probably afford any cleanser they want.

The best thing about our above recommendations is that these cleansers won’t clog your pores, and that is a very important quality to look for in a facial product when you have acne. Try one of the above cleansers and see if your skin improves. Just remember that it takes sometimes as much as two months to before you’ll notice an improvement in your skin’s appearance.

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