Acne Prevention and Diet

Start a Journal as Part of Your Approach to Acne Prevention

The conventional medical community has insisted on more than one occasion that acne is not caused by the foods you eat including sugar, dairy, or junk foods such as potato chips, and acne prevention cannot be achieved by modifying your diet and eliminating certain foods. Many individuals who have suffered from acne will tell you that conventional medicine is simply wrong when it comes to their claim that foods don’t cause or contribute to acne. If you’re looking for more information about how acne prevention can be achieved through diet, don’t move that mouse and stay right here.

If You Are What You Eat...

Many individuals achieve acne prevention by modifying their diet and eliminating certain foods. You might be overwhelmed with wondering what foods you should eliminate or how you would even determine if a particular food is contributing to your acne. Every person is different. Certain foods will affect certain individuals differently. I, personally, have discovered through testing done by my chiropractor that my eczema is caused and aggravated by wheat and dairy.

You might have heard that chocolate, sugar, and dairy can contribute to acne. The fact is, despite what most doctors and dermatologists will tell you, these foods can indeed cause acne if you are even the littlest bit allergic to them. The pharmaceutical industry is a big business. Doctors prescribe medications that pharmaceutical companies have spent millions trying to develop and market. There is very little financial incentive for a doctor to send you home instructing you to change your diet in order to achieve acne prevention. Doctors have limited knowledge about the effects that nutrition can have on diseases. Also, doctors simply don’t encourage such “drastic” lifestyle changes because most patients simply don’t want to hear that they have to give up favorite foods or eat less of those foods, and doctors really make an effort to tell patients what it is they want to hear.

Start Writing

So where does that leave you if you’re serious about achieving acne prevention through diet changes. Keep a journal. Record every item that you eat or drink. Also make a note of how your skin looks every day. Describe where your pimples are and how many there are. Make a note of whether each pimple is a blackhead, whitehead, cyst, or nodule. By keeping track of what you eat and how your skin looks, you will eventually, over time, be able to determine what foods might be triggering your acne. Then you can modify your diet accordingly, and you will have arrived at your very own approach to acne prevention that saves you the expense of visiting a dermatologist.

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