Acne Medicine Should Not be Your First Treatment Choice

Try Diet Modification before You Try Acne Medicine

Acne medicine doesn’t have to be the only way for you to treat your acne. Acne medicine is beneficial for many acne sufferers, but it doesn’t have to be your first course of treatment. In fact, you should leave acne medicine as one of your latter methods of treatment only to be considered if other treatments don’t work.

It's Not All Roses

Acne medicine, like all medicine, does have side effects. If you don’t have severe acne there is no real danger to trying to clear up your skin naturally even if it will take longer to achieve clear skin. Certainly severe acne sometimes needs acne medicine in order to reduce the potential for lifelong scarring, but there are many cases of acne that can be treated with more natural methods. Even if you do have severe acne, you still might want to try more natural treatments such as vitamin and herbal supplements before immediately heading to the pharmacy to fill a prescription your dermatologist gave you.

Shouldn't Be First Choice

Acne medicine does have a role in clearing up acne, but it is so heavily relied upon because many acne sufferers seek out the care of a dermatologist. Dermatologists, like all physicians, prescribe medications. Most people want immediate results, and few would like to hear that if they give up certain foods they might have clear skin especially when it can take several months for skin to clear up. Plus doctors and dermatologists simply aren’t that knowledgeable about how diet can impact skin. I have to wonder if the reason they can’t find any scientific evidence to support the claim that certain foods can contribute to acne is because they simply can’t find willing participants who can give up favorite foods for an extended amount of time.

Make It Easy

There is certainly little harm in opting to modify your diet rather than try acne medicine in an attempt to get clear skin. So it’s definitely a good idea to evaluate what you are eating and determine if one or more of the foods you’re eating can be the culprit. Sugar, dairy products, and iodine found in foods like shellfish are all thought to be possible contributors to acne. Take a look at your diet today and see what improvements can be made before you hastily opt for acne medicine.

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