Acne Inversa is a Rare Skin Condition

How is Acne Inversa Different from Acne Vulgaris?

Many individuals are familiar with acne, but few have ever heard of a skin condition called acne inversa. Acne inversa is actually much different than the acne vulgaris that many teenagers are plagued with. If you’d like to learn more about acne inversa, read on...

A Hidden Acne Problem

Acne inversa is sometimes referred to as a name much more difficult to pronounce: hidradenitis suppurativa. Acne inverse affects parts of the body such as the groin and armpits, the breasts, and hair follicles. When acne inversa first makes its appearance, it resembles a boil. These abscesses can later become more painful and quite larger. Inflammation can allow for bacterial infections to develop, and fever can result from extreme inflammation.

Acne Vulgaris vs. Acne Inversa

Acne inversa might be a misleading term since this condition is quite unlike the acne that many of us are used to seeing. Acne vulgaris at its worst might be confined to the face, back, shoulders, and chest. In its most severe form, acne vulgaris can be characterized by painful nodules or cysts, but nodular and cystic acne pale in comparison to the lesions associated with acne inversa. Acne vulgaris has many possible treatments in the form of both oral and topical medications. There are few treatments for acne inversa.

Treatment, But No Cure

Acne inversa is a quite worse than acne vulgaris which is characterized by pimples. Individuals who are afflicted with acne inversa are sometimes unable to work. As of yet, there is no cure for acne inversa, and many doctors are unable to treat it due to the condition being misdiagnosed.

It is believed that the number of people who suffer from acne inversa is one million or more, and this is likely a conservative estimate because many people don’t seek treatment for acne inversa.

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